Is BMW Entering the Hot Hatch Market?

BMW i3

As one of the most admired luxury automakers in the world, the BMW brand appears to have its hold on every aspect of driving in one way or another. We already know the BMW cars are some of the most impressive driving machines on the planet, and the BMW i3 that we’ve had on the market for past few years is one of the most impressive EV models, but is this going to become a hot hatch that we’ll want to drive and enjoy on a daily basis in the future?

New Looks and a New Model

The new EV i3 from BMW will be offered with a sportier style and a redesign that you’re going to enjoy. This small hatchback will make its way to the stage at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show that’s coming up next month. The car will have a wider appearance, a front bumper that has a U-shaped surrounding the black finish and side sections that border the lower edge with accent strips that will wear either the BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey to give a look that highlights the width of the car which is an important aspect of what this little hatch will offer.
The new model offered for the i3 is the BMW i3s which will carry in a sport suspension that drops the car nearly half an inch closer to the ground. There are also high-gloss black wheel arch molding that help to show off the wider stance which is 1.6-inches wider. When you see this new model you’re going to understand that this car rides on 20-inch wheels that are two-toned and are half an inch wider than the previous models. As you can see, every aspect of the stance and build of this car is made to allow you to see a car that’s ready to handle a faster ride than ever before.
Not only will the new model offer you a wider stance that’s lower to the ground, this will be a more powerful i3. The power output is increased to 184 horsepower compared to the 170 ponies in the standard model. The torque is tuned up to 199 lb.-ft. compared to 184 in the base model. These increases allow this BMW to reach sixty mph in 6.8 seconds and can head up to the top speed of 100 mph.

Range Explained

While the new i3s isn’t going to win any races against some of the top sports cars on the track, and most hot hatches can run faster, this is a quick and active EV model that will be right for you on the road. The new i3s will be able to drive for nearly 97 miles on a single charge. The two-cylinder range extender offers an additional range of 87 miles for the car to make it possible for you to drive for nearly 180 miles each day when you need to head out for longer rides.
This new BMW i3s offers us an excellent new look and a ton of excellent qualities that make this a car that will be fun to drive and show us an excellent new look when it shows up in Frankfurt next month. If you’ve admired and enjoyed the i3 in the past, you’re going to love this car and what it brings to the performance and feel you want.


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