More Electric Excitement from Volkswagen

VW I.D. Crozz

The new MEB platform that’s built by Volkswagen is expected to spurn nearly thirty different models to provide us with a full lineup of vehicles that can be perfect for the road and use absolutely no gasoline at all. The newest member of this new family from the brand we’ve known for several decades will make a showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show and let us see what this excellent platform has to offer us in more than just a small hatchback or a microbus. This new model will be the first crossover SUV from the brand and it will use this versatile platform.

What is this New Crossover?

The new EV crossover SUV is the I. D. Crozz and was first offered as a look in Shanghai earlier this year. This new model that will make its way across the stage in Frankfurt appears to be closer to ready for production than the one that was shown earlier in the year. The front and rear of this new model will be ready to hit the road and this new model can be the next crossover SUV that will be offered with the benefit of an electric model that’s great for the environment.
While the video linked below doesn’t give a large look at anything for this new SUV, it does show the crossover in a new color because this is the first model that’s been offered with a color that’s not white. The headlights have a look that’s similar to the taillights of some of the Audi models that are on the road right now. These lights offer an excellent scheme and even allow for the logo in the front of the grill to be illuminated with a bright VW that can lead the way down the road.
Dubbed the Crozz 2.0, we don’t have any information about the power that will be offered for this SUV when it heads to production but the original concept showed two electric motors, one in front and one in the rear to combine for 302 horsepower that would make it possible for this crossover to reach sixty mph in only six seconds. Using the 83kWh battery the Crozz could offer a range of more than 310 miles on a single charge. This new crossover may be production ready sooner rather than later to make sure we can have the next iteration of the electric power we want.

Coming to Market

With the addition of the new I. D. Crozz the Volkswagen brand is poising itself to be ready to take the EV market by storm. The likelihood this SUV makes its way to market in the next couple years is significant and we might see this new vehicle offered at some point shortly after the 2020 model year. As this brand gives us a great look at this new SUV in the next few days, we’ll begin to take a look and figure out if this will be the model we want to enjoy on the roads in the near future.

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