Showing Off in Frankfurt

Showing off in Frankfurt

While we normally see more European models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, one Japanese brand chose to make this the show where they gave us a look at their newest creation. This is also a place where we see high-performance models, but with the movement toward EV and hybrid technologies, the newest model from Honda that is a concept, for now, is certainly not as out of place as the brand itself seems to be. Either way, Honda brought the new Urban EV Concept to Frankfurt to give us a look at what this model can be and will be for the future of driving.

At first glance, the Urban EV Concept simply looks like a futuristic take on an older style Honda hatchback that was one of the early models to drive on the roads in the US. Even a glance inside to see the two bench seats that cross the width of the car make us feel this car is one that is a modern take on an old favorite to be a new niche item on the market. Dig a little deeper and you see the glorious technology offered with this car that could be the future of what Honda has to offer.
As an EV model that offers a ton of excellent features, you can see how this will be the basis for the future of the brand in the EV world. This new Urban EV Concept rides on a completely new platform and is equipped with a lightweight battery pack that makes use of an integrated heat management system to help keep this area cool and allow you to get the most out of the batteries when you’re ready to drive the distance you need to go on the road.

Small but Packed Full

If you thought the Honda Fit was a small hatchback, and it is, this new concept is even smaller, showing an overall length of only 160 inches. This will allow the Urban EV Concept to maneuver easily in tight areas to allow you to get where you need to go and have the ability to experience the drive you’re looking for. Right from the start, you see a clean car with a modern style that doesn’t fill your vision with items you don’t need but does have the ability to offer a greeting to other drivers across the area that would have been the front grill in the past.
The dashboard inside the car is a massive screen that will offer all the information you need and both front door panels show a view of what’s being captured by the side view camera mirrors that will let you have the information you need for the drive on the road. This design is expected to at least partially influence the future of the Honda lineup as early as 2019 and you’ll be able to say you saw the look and the items that have made it to the EV Honda vehicles in the Urban EV Concept first.

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