Porsche is Electrifying

Porsche is Electrifying

Even though we have been presented with a variety of exceptional EV models that are high powered and dynamic supercars at the different auto shows that take place each year, most of us still associate speed and performance with a car that’s gasoline-powered. Adding EV technology to the mix often means the gasoline engine is getting a boost with a hybrid setup, but pure EV supercars from names we know and trust haven’t caught on yet with the exception of Tesla. With that in mind, one of the most famous brands is beginning to explore the possibilities of EV driving needs.
We’ve been told that Porsche has developed an electric version of the Boxster prototype that could become a sporty EV model from this brand. This is where it begins with any vehicle that can be put out on the roads and tracks and while Porsche has shown us they plan to build EV models with the development of the Mission E sedan, the idea of having a pure sports car that’s an EV model from this brand hasn’t been explored to this point. Now that this Boxster model has been built, the testing and development process can begin.

What’s the development going to entail?

When the new Boxster mule headed out to the track to see what it could do, the initial reaction was that this car was built to be on the track and offer the right driving dynamics. While this testing car worked out perfectly, it was slower than the gas-powered model which was considered to be the result of the added weight. Putting in a bank of heavy lithium-ion batteries into the car increased the weight considerably which is always a challenge when it comes to EV models and creating the sports car feel and look that’s desired.
One of the solutions that could be the answer to this question is to add solid-state batteries to the car in order to lessen the weight. These batteries are much lighter, but solid-state batteries that are able to be mass produced are still years away, but Porsche might be the brand that can develop and offer the applications for these batteries that will be right for the power needed over the next few years. Because the Porsche sports cars often rely on the lightweight builds to be active and energetic on the roads, the development of these batteries is important to this brand.
With recent announcements by the VW Group leaders that every vehicle on the market from this group will be a hybrid or electric model by the year 2030, Porsche needs to get to work to make sure we’ll have sports cars that can continue to offer the performance and precision we’ve come to expect from this brand. When the Mission E sedan arrive in the next couple of years we’ll get a better idea of what this brand is going to be able to offer us in the EV category as this new sedan claims to have acceleration to sixty mph in less than 3.5 seconds and arrange of over 300 miles on a single charge.

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