EV Models Outperform in Some Areas

EV Models Outperform in Some Areas

As we’ve already learned, the future of the automotive industry will involve some form of EV driving in nearly every model we drive. Because of this, we need to know how these vehicles are going to be better for us to drive and enjoy on the road. Right now, the challenge is what’s called range anxiety because EV models can’t offer you the same range as a tank of gas when they have a full battery that’s changed the way it needs to be. While this type of vehicle does still have the lack of range needed, the fact is there are some ways that EV models are already better.

Instant Peak Torque – When you accelerate quickly an EV model doesn’t’ have to spool up or go through the gears to give you the peak torque. This is offered right away to make it possible for you to get up to speed quickly and get out into the lane the way you want right away. This feature makes an EV model easy and fun to drive when you’re ready to head out on the road and put your foot down for some fun.

No Complex Transmissions – Because an EV model can rev up quickly and don’t need have different gears for the steps that internal combustion models need helps you save way, avoid the shift time and have a vehicle that has fewer moving parts. This means you’ll be able to get to the speed you want more quickly because you don’t have to shift at all. These single gear transmissions make it possible for you to be able to have the driving you want whether you’re out on the track racing or just driving down a road in a car that can get to speed right away.

Throttle Control – The tuning of an EV model is set up to offer you the equivalent percentage of power to what you open the throttle to. As you press on the accelerator you’re going to see an amazing amount of power right away and not have too much or too little throttle, which can happen with an internal combustion engine. These cars are electronically tuned to match the output to the input and give you the driving experience you’re looking for. You’ll be able to learn the controls and the responses of an EV better than with a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Brake Fade – When you slam on the brakes of an EV the regenerative braking can stop the car faster and use the power to give you more charge and more power. You won’t have as much brake fade over time because the power is being regenerated and reused. In a gasoline-powered model, your brakes are almost guaranteed to fade and eventually reduced their performance to the point of being unable to stop the vehicle as quickly as you need to. This is another area where EV models save weight because they can use smaller wheels and brakes for the job.

Battery Packaging – While you can only have your internal combustion engine in a couple of places, you can put the battery of an EV wherever you need to. This is where a lot of the weight comes from in these models to give you the driving experience you want. With the weight low and spread out across the bottom of your vehicle you’ll be able to have more balance and a lower center of gravity for greater control on the roads and tracks that you drive. Check out the video below to learn more.


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