Nissan Versa – Affordable Commuting and Driving Fun

Affordable Commuting in the Nissan Versa

If you’re looking for a car that you can depend on for your daily ride to and from work and you don’t want to spend much at all, the right choice for you can be a new or used Nissan Versa. This is a car that shows up with a base price that comes in below $13,000 to be the car that’s priced right while being a model that you can admire and enjoy when you drive. You’re going to be amazed by the comfort offered that makes this car one that will offer you the drive you want that others can experience with you.

The Nissan Versa is considered the least expensive new vehicle on the market in the US and it shows up with good fuel efficiency to make it a car that will easily keep more money in your pocket. This car doesn’t leave anything out, even at the low price, it does offer you a roomy interior that fits up to five passengers and a trunk that can swallow up to 14.9 cubic feet of stuff. You’re going to have an excellent drive when you choose the Versa as the right car for you to drive.

There are some small upgrades and improvements offered in the new Nissan Versa that you’re sure to enjoy when you choose this car as the one you want to drive. You’ll see new adjustable front headrests, map lights, and variable intermittent wipers in all trims. There’s also a new Deep Blue Pearl color you can choose when you want to drive this car. These might not seem like important upgrades, but if you’ve driven a car that doesn’t have these items, you’re sure to appreciate the fact that you can adjust things and be more comfortable during your drive.

Affordable Quality in the Nissan Versa

The sedan you want to drive is the Nissan Versa and it brings you a long wheelbase to make sure you can have generous rear-seat legroom to offer your passengers. The legroom is 37 inches in the back to make sure your passengers will be comfortable when they drive. This little sedan is also able to make sure you have the fuel mileage you want with 31 city/39 hwy mpg offered to make sure you’ll have the fuel mileage that makes it easy for you to avoid the gas pump on a regular basis.

Sometimes you need a car that’s built to handle your daily drive and be affordable at the same time. The Nissan Versa is certainly that car. This vehicle comes with a price tag that can fit into any budget and give you an excellent drive to wherever you need to go. Make your way to your nearby Nissan dealer and take a look at what the Versa offers when you take it out for a test drive. This may not be the most exciting car, but it can be the right one for your daily commute and will certainly make you feel you’ve chosen wisely.

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