The Humble Nissan Sentra Gets Turbo Power with the DET Concept

The Humble Nissan Sentra Gets Turbo Power with the DET Concept

Nissan had a big year at the 2023 show with the Sentra DET Concept catching the attention of many visitors in attendance at the SEMA show.

The SEMA show is the place for automakers to showcase their new and innovative concepts and designs. If you’re searching for a Nissan near me, you can find the regular Sentra and other great models, but this concept is reserved for shows at this point.

A Concept That Draws Inspiration from Other Sentras

The Nissan DET Concept gets lots of inspiration from the Sentra SE-R and features many of its racing and performance pieces from the Nismo. This version of the Sentra is also based on the Canadian Sentra motorsport series. Each of these cars has the same specs from the factory-tuned four-cylinder engine to the six-speed manual, and 18-inch racing wheels. The DET version of the Sentra swaps out the CVT for the six-speed manual transmission found in the Canadian version.

DET Stands for What?

If you were wondering what the DET in this concept’s name stands for, it’s very specific. It is “Dual overhead cam, Electronic fuel injection, Turbo.” The engine under the hood of the concept is a prototype based on the factory-tuned version of the standard Sentra naturally aspirated MR20DD engine that generates 149 horsepower. But it gets a turbo boost and some performance modifications. The Garrett G25 660 turbocharger and the Garrett intercooler are just the start. Engine upgrades also include Manley pistons, Turbosmart Vee Port Pro blow-off valves, and an AFCO radiator.

NISMO Parts All Around

Nissan had a lot of performance parts to pull from, whether it was NISMO or the Nissan Z sports coupe. The wheels for the DET are NISMO LM-RS6 18-inch wheels in either Bronze or Satin Black, and they are wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN tires. The front and rear brake calipers come from the Nissan Z, along with the Z rotors.

What About the Regular Sentra?

The regular Nissan Sentra that you can find when you search for a Nissan near me is a great choice if you want an efficient daily driver. It has the standard 149-horsepower engine and the CVT. The steering is responsive, while the independent rear suspension helps contribute to a smooth and compliant ride. Inside, the Sentra’s cabin is one of the nicer ones in its class. It features a mix of hard and soft-touch materials, and you can get quilted leather upholstery for a more upscale look. Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats are one of the best features, keeping you comfortable and supported no matter how much time you spend sitting in them.

The SEMA Sentra DET Cabin

While you won’t find the SEMA Sentra DET Concept at a Nissan near me, it has some fun updates in the cabin to make it sportier than the regular Sentra. Nissan upgraded the seats with Recaro Sportster CC seats in the front, and it has a NISMO GT Urethane shift knob.

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