Turn Signal: It’s Not Worth the Cost

Turn Signal Its Not Worth the Cost

Do you know how much it costs you to use your turn signals while driving? There must be some information in the market that tells many drivers that using their turn signals is an expensive venture on the road because so many people we see have either forgotten how to use these small devices or have too many things going on in their hands to make the effort. If there’s a secret cost to using a turn signal that you don’t know about and that others seem to have grasped, wouldn’t you like to be in on the information? I certainly would.

Take a Look at the Numbers

Using your turn signals in your vehicle does cost you money. Every time you engage your turn signal there is an amount of gasoline that must be burned to power the alternator which powers the battery that sends the electric energy to the signal that needs to be turned on. If you’ve ever paid an electric bill, you’ll be familiar with the fact that using some electric energy costs money whenever you turn on a light in your home, but do you need to turn into the old grouchy guy that runs around telling people to turn the signal lights off?

The cost per time you use the turn signal on your vehicle is extremely minimal. The overall cost, which is covered in the video linked below, is approximately $0.00004 per use. Can you afford to pay that much just to flip your signal on? If not, which turns do you choose for the signal use and which ones will you choose to avoid the cost of using your turn signal? If you don’t think you can handle the annual cost, check your couch cushions, at the total of approximately $0.30 per year, you’re certainly not losing much of anything by using your turn signals.

You Can’t Afford Not to Use Them

When you head out on the road your turn signals are meant to allow other drivers the ability to know your intentions. While some turn lanes should make these intentions an intuitive part of the drive, you need to use these items every time you head out on the road for every single turn you’re going to make. The cost of using your turn signals is certainly outweighed by what it could cost you not to use them.

When other drivers aren’t sure what your intentions are and you don’t signal, you could be creating chaos on the road. It’s important to let others know what you’re going to do by using your signals and making sure you let others know where you’re going. Using your turn signals can help you avoid an accident on the road, which will certainly cost you more than $0.30 even if you have a zero deductible on your insurance. It’s not worth the cost of an accident; use your turn signals and let others know your intentions when you’re driving and you’ll be on your way to safer driving habits that won’t break your bank.


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