Let the Ram ProMaster City Get More Work Done

UntitledLet the Ram ProMaster City Get More Work Done

The large and lumbering work vans of the previous decades have almost all but gone out of style. While these vans were capable, they also sucked down the gasoline and had a hard time fitting where you wanted to go. The movement toward smaller vans to fit in the alleys and get to the areas in a city with better fuel mileage has been what we’ve seen more of and the Ram ProMaster City is certainly part of this movement to make it possible for you to get the job done.

When you choose a vehicle that’s meant to help you get work completed you want one that is a value in every aspect. The Ram ProMaster City is able to help you with 131.7 cubic feet of cargo volume for you to use and a payload of 1,886 pounds to give you the ability to carry what you want. If you choose the wagon version of this work van, you’ll have seating for five people and more cargo area than what you’ll find in most passenger vans on the market. This is an efficient vehicle that can easily help you get the job done.

The Ram ProMaster City Will be Your Favorite Tool

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, florist, HVAC technician, baker, or any other professional that may need to carry materials and deliver them to different areas around the city, the Ram ProMaster City can help you get the job done. This work van is a class leader for payload and cargo capacity while being small enough to fit into your garage at the end of the night so that you can secure your vehicle and not worry about items being taken out of it, which is a relief at the end of your day.

The 2018 version has been updated with the Ram Uconnect 3 infotainment system which is brought to you on a five-inch touchscreen. This system allows you to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and shows you the view of the rearview camera in the rear. There are now grills available for the windows in the side doors and the rear doors to allow you to have more security if you want for the materials you carry with you to the destination around your area. These upgrades certainly make this a fantastic choice for the drive.

With a low load floor to make it easy to get items in an out of the Ram ProMaster City, and the integrated door latch and lock make it easy for you to open up and get into the van to access the items you’ve loaded in for the drive. Enjoy the qualities offered and the ability to have a work van that can get the job done and fit wherever you need to. Come in and see your nearby Ram dealer or work vehicle dealership and let them show you more of what the ProMaster City can be when you take it out for a drive and put it to work.

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