The Engine Almost Moved in the Supra

The Engine Almost Moved in the Supra

We’re awaiting the new Toyota Supra to arrive and become the next great sports car from Toyota that we want to enjoy driving on the road. This car is expected to bring us more of the driving appeal that we desire and offer us qualities we’ve only found in BMW models in the past. Even though the Supra is nearly ready to be offered for us to enjoy the drive, there was actually a possibility of this car making its way to the market as a mid-engine model that would have been much different from other Supra models of the past.

The A90 Toyota Supra Development Process

Some of the most interesting details of the development process for this new sports car were shared recently, one of which was the fact this car was almost offered as a mid-engine model. The idea was to borrow some of the qualities that are offered in the mid-engine Porsche Cayman with regards to handling and overall performance and bring these items to the Supra. While this was considered, it was quickly shot down when the idea was run pastAkio Toyoda, the CEO of Toyota.

The Front Engine Model was Chosen

The new Toyota Supra will arrive as a front engine car because Toyota knows how to make a car with the engine up front and how to build the controls for this car even with higher levels of performance. The partnership with BMW didn’t keep the Toyota team from going to a mid-engine model, in fact, BMW was fine with working on a mid-engine Supra, but this soon became the idea that was tossed out in favor of a sports car that Toyota already knows how to build and create for the drive and fun that we want to have on the road.

Other ways this car could be different from what the Toyota team started out with is with a weight loss of nearly 220 pounds, which makes the car feel much different, and a lot of added power that could be put into the equation and become part of what the car would be when it’s time for the drive. If the mid-engine model of the Supra ever does make it to the landscape, it will most likely be during a later part of the A90 lifecycle for us to see what it could be.

What We are Getting in the New Supra

While we aren’t sure of exactly what this new sports car will be, the new Toyota Supra has a name we know and admire. This new sports car will be one that brings us the BMW dynamics and the Toyota planted feeling that’s much better on the road and on the track. This is a car that we’ve been looking forward to and it will be one that can bring us a lot of what we want for the drive. This car is expected to be on the market for the 2020 model year to give us a great drive.


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