The Audi R8 has Some Good News

The Audi R8 has Some Good News

Most of us have looked at the Audi R8 and realized that the brand seems to have lost interest in this car and in keeping it as a model that can be great on the track and an excellent offering. While a model that sells in small numbers, the R8 is a car that we loved to see when it offered a V10 for the power. Unfortunately, this car transformed into an EV that’s supposed to be a supercar, but there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for this new model or what it offered.

The R8 RWS Could Change Minds

One version of the R8 that has been capturing our attention and just might show us what this V10-powered car could be for the future is the RWS model. This version of the car uses RWD as the layout and it’s been scheduled for a refresh later this year. This car just might make it past this new refresh and become the car that we admire and enjoy for the future as the significant supercar from Audi and one that we love to talk about, especially when you consider the power numbers and the active drive offered.

What Made Us Doubt the R8?

The RWS version of the R8 is the only one that’s not offered with the Quattro AWD system that we want to enjoy on the road and at the track. This was the project that came from the current Bugatti CEO who left Audi not long ago. Because he moved from Audi to Bugatti, this car could have been deleted after only one run in production. Instead, Audi leaders have informed us that this car will likely make its way to the market to be a fun and active car to enjoy in the future.

This Audi Gives You Power

Even though Audi seems to be adding e-tron to nearly every model they can, including the R8, the RWS R8 isn’t an electric supercar, it’s simply a hardcore supercar that offers you a strong 5.2-liter V10 engine that pumps out 540 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission to give you the sporty and fun drive that you want. There’s no way you wouldn’t have a lot of fun with this powerful version of the Audi R8 when you take it to the track.

Will There be More Power in the Future?

Will Audi use turbocharging for the V10 engine? Is it possible we’ll see a hybrid version that adds direct and immediate torque to the ride offered of this car? We won’t know until Audi gives us the new RWS R8 model to enjoy, but this is certainly a car that offers us the classic drive more than the electric version of the R8 did. Hopefully, a new RWS R8 will spark the imagination and get the Audi team excited about what the R8 can be once again.


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