Dyson is Going to Make Vehicles

Dyson is Going to Make Vehicles

You know the name of Dyson because of the vacuums they make which are high-quality and efficient models that may cost more, but last much longer and work better than any other on the market. The purchase of a Dyson vacuum cleaner makes a lot of sense when you’re looking for the right way to clean your floors and carpets and now this company is ready to enter the vehicle market. The company has placed a significant investment in a new research and development center in Wiltshire, UK where it will begin to build and test its new lineup of electric vehicles.

The Dyson Difference

Last year, the Dyson company announced it would launch a three-car lineup of electric vehicles over the next few years. This company is ready to expand its business and grow to bring the next lineup of electric models to the market for our driving enjoyment. Dyson’s plan is to work toward developing new technologies with a global focus and potentially be the first to bring solid state battery cells to the market. They are also working on high-speed electric motors, vision systems, machine learning technologies, and AI to be on the leading edge of the automotive technology of the future.

The New Development Center

Recently, Dyson purchased restored hangars at a former World War II airbase called Hullavington Airfield. This is where the new technology center will be located. This new location will not only feature a technology center with the research and development teams but it will also include a new test track that may offer a new dynamic handling track, an off-road testing area, a hilly handling area, and a variety of test slopes to help test the handling and capabilities of the vehicles that are built. The initial investment of $109 million has already taken place as part of phase one of the project and another $150 million will be invested when the team begins to set up the test tracks in phase two.

Dyson Begins to Build Their Team

Dyson has already begun to build their team and move into the space. This team is already comprised of 400 members that will focus on automotive development. Eventually, this team will be made up of over 2,000 employees with another 300 that could be added if needed. It’s easy to see that Dyson is making a significant effort to be ready and at the forefront of automotive development.

Making Sense

When you purchase a Dyson vacuum, it’s easy to see how this vacuum is a high-quality product that’s made to offer you the performance and cleaning power you need. The same will hopefully be true of a Dyson automobile in the future. With a team in place, a fantastic facility to operate in, and the Dyson business plan in place, it seems we’re going to talk more about what this company will create over the next several years as they work to be on the leading edge of the technology we want to enjoy in our vehicles of the future.


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