So Many Different Choices

If you’re looking for a sedan to drive but you aren’t sure how you want that sedan to look and feel, the right choice for you is the Ford Fusion. This car has been thought of as an entire car line on its own and is offered as an excellent choice for you to have what you’re looking for. Whether you look at the base model of the Fusion S to save money and have the value you want, choose the Fusion Platinum with it is nearly luxury feel, or the Fusion Hybrid for the fuel savings and environment saving characteristics, you’re going to find a version of the Fusion that’s great for you to drive.

Don’t stop there, there’s the plug-in Fusion Hybrid Energi that offers you the benefits of a short range of electric driving that equates to a considerable improvement in the fuel mileage of the vehicle, and you can enjoy the exciting power and performance of the Fusion Sport. So many different ways for you to enjoy the drive in the Ford Fusion and they’re all offered at your nearby Ford dealership so that you can choose the model that will give you what you want on the road.

The 2018 model year brings us a Ford Fusion that’s similar to the 2017 year with a new Blue Metallic paint offered on all models. Every version of this midsize sedan drives differently from each other to give you the dynamics and the qualities you want to experience when you head out on the road. This is a car that can feel comfortable, engaging, efficient, and affordable all at the same time to make sure you have the drive you want and a car that you’ll be proud to enjoy when you head out for the day.

Exciting Power Under the Hood

Most of the sedans in the same class as the Ford Fusion won’t have the ability to give you power from a V6 engine, but the Ford Fusion Sport is offered with a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that churns out 325 horsepower for the drive. This car is also offered with AWD, an upgraded suspension, and the qualities you’re looking for when you’re ready to drive. If you want a sedan that can handle the daily commute and be exciting when you want to take the long way home, the Fusion Sport is the right car for you.

Let the team at your nearby Ford dealership help you find the right version of the Ford Fusion for your drive. The variety offered and qualities you’ll find make this sedan one that handles the ride and allows you to experience an excellent drive on the road. You’ll see five distinctly different versions of the Fusion on the lot; which one will be the right one for you to drive? Make the choice and head out on the road to begin to see why so many others have enjoyed the amazing qualities of the Ford Fusion.

Find one at your local Ford dealer today!

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