Honda Reaches a Golden Mark

Honda Civic Type R

Honda has something special, and shiny, planned to celebrate a huge milestone of their operations in Australia.
Gold has been a precious metal that’s signified wealth, prosperity, greed, and abundance for centuries. This is the metal that’s been fought over, stolen, won, bartered, and used as currency since we began using a barter system as a human race. Gold is also the metal that signifies an anniversary that shows a longstanding tradition of commitment and excellence. As such, it’s the color that’s being used by Honda to celebrate a mark that’s significant to the brand in one area of the world. Honda is using gold in a variety of ways, and it looks amazing.

The Golden Anniversary for Honda

February 4, 2019, marks the exact date that Honda will celebrate fifty years of operating in Australia, where top models like the Honda Accord and Civic are popular. This is the golden anniversary for the brand in this country and they have found a great way to celebrate this significant mark in history. Honda will unveil an entire lineup of gold-colored products that range from the Civic Type R to a small generator. All of the products shown to wear gold will be on display as the brand enjoys this historic and significant event in time. Let’s take a look at the gold that will be shown for this amazing brand.

Seven Golden Rings for Honda

Ok, the Christmas song might not apply here, because as the song says, there are five golden rings, but you get the idea. Honda will show off seven different products in Australia that will wear gold. As a brand that makes items that range from a high-powered luxury sports car on down to the push mower that you use on a weekly basis, this brand has a serious range of items that make use of some type of engine when they are in use.
In addition to the Honda Civic Type R, there will be an Acura NSX, a CVR1000RR supersport motorcycle, a CRF450L endure bike, a CRF50F kids’ off-road motorcycle, an HRU19 Buffalo Premium lawnmower, and a EU22i generator. Once you see these items, you’ll be surprised at how amazing they look and probably realize that you didn’t want a gold generator or lawnmower until you see these items on display. This is certainly an impressive way to celebrate the golden anniversary of doing business in Australia and the Honda team has something to be proud of. These items won’t be sold to the public but will be kept together for a while to signify this event.

The Creation of Gold Hondas was Outsourced

Honda decided to reach out of their own house to have the gold products wrapped for us to admire what they offer. They used a company called Vinyl Wraps and Graphics to add the gold to the mix. The look is created with a gold chrome layer on first which is followed by a clear satin film to rid the item of the shine that often shows up with chrome. Some parts of the different items were wrapped in black to give them the dramatic effect we want to see. It’s impressive to see these seven golden items together and even more amazing that Honda has been in Australia for half of a century.

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