Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Should You Buy an Electric Car

If you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle and you’re considering the new models on the market, some electric cars could be part of what you consider. The growth of electric cars has been exponential in the past several years and nearly every automaker is working to offer us a wonderful new electric vehicle to give us the driving experience we want to enjoy. With that in mind, you need to consider the pros and cons of an electric vehicle before you buy one.


Environmentally Friendly

When you drive an electric car, you’re driving a vehicle that’s going to produce zero emissions and have no impact on the environment. The cleaner vehicle makes it easy to know that you’re adding to the sustainability of the planet that we live on and enjoy. This is a responsible choice that you can be proud of and show off to your family and friends.

Less Wear and Tear

Using batteries instead of the number of mechanical parts that run a gasoline engine means fewer parts that can wear out. With an electric car, you don’t have spark plugs, oil filters, pumps, valves, and other items that are used to make a gasoline engine work. Batteries are much easier to maintain and understand on the road.

Great for Urban Driving

When you drive around the city most of the time, an electric vehicle can be the perfect choice. This is where an EV excels and gives you the ability to enjoy the ride. EVs are also being offered the privilege of using the HOV or carpool lanes in some cities, which is a consideration gasoline cars don’t receive.

Save on Fuel

The cost per mile of electricity compared to fuel is much less. Electricity is easier for you to use and is something you can add to your EV at home. There are now some shopping centers and workplaces that also offer the benefit of charging your car while you shop or work, making this an easy choice.

Driving Dynamics

Do you want a car that’s actually fun to drive? An EV is a surprise in this category, but they are a lot of fun. The electric motors offer the entire torque range right away, which allows an EV to accelerate quickly off the line to make it a car that you can feel happy in when you drive.

Extra Storage Solutions

The development of batteries being located in the floor or low in the vehicle has opened up more storage areas in an EV than in other models. There’s no engine or transmission which means you can have a trunk up front and in the back or you can have more room to put stuff that you want to take with you.


Current Infrastructure

It is possible to drive away from home and have a hard time finding an electric charging station that you can use. IF you are planning to take road trips in your EV, you do need to plan ahead and make sure you know where you can stop and get charged up along your route.

Range Issues

When you drive a gasoline vehicle, you normally have warnings that tell you that you’ve got a couple gallons of gas left in the tank. In an EV, you’re more likely to try and stretch the range to the limit and because of the use of batteries and electronics, the range can change a great deal with cold temperatures and different driving conditions.

Limited Range and Charging Time

It takes a lot longer to charge an EV from empty to full than it does a gasoline engine. Even the fastest chargers out there can only get to about 80 percent of the range in 30 minutes. Most EV models need to charge overnight in order to be filled completely. This means you’ll stop more and need to prepare to wait if you take a long road trip.

EVs Cost More

Electric vehicles cost more than gasoline models right now, even after the federal tax credit. You need to consider all aspects when driving an EV.

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