Tesla Model Y – A New Book or Just the Next Chapter

Tesla Model Y - A New Book or Just the Next Chapter

Recently, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the new Model Y will be ready to debut on March 14 at the LA Design Studio of Tesla.

It might be time to place bets regarding when you can expect to see the next new model from Tesla on the market. This new model is going to be a compact crossover SUV that’s built on the same platform as the Model 3 and the announcement regarding this vehicle will be an interesting one to see. With this announcement before the event, there are a lot of questions being raised.

The Details We have for Now

The new Model Y is expected to be at least ten percent larger, which Musk decided to translate directly to a ten percent increase in the cost of the vehicle. He also stated this new SUV will likely have less range and use the same battery pack as the Model 3. If that means he is going to present us with the base offering, much the same way he did with the Model 3, we should see a range of about 200 miles from the Model Y and a price that will start out at a little under $40,000.

Will the Following Continue

When the Model 3 was presented to us, it was offered with the ability to hold your place in line by simply placing a $1,000 retainer for the pre-order of the car. It has taken Tesla a long time to fill the orders that remained even after the failures of missed deadlines and production shortcomings. The question is whether or not the Model Y will have the same following or will potential customers wait until Tesla actually builds this SUV and offers it as the vehicle they can buy? That’s yet to be seen.

Building the Model Y in Nevada

The new Model Y is already holding a place in the Tesla production factory called Gigafactory 1 in Nevada. This factory has been tooling for the Model Y for the past few months and the production of this new SUV is planned for the end of 2020. This could be enough time to give the Tesla team the ability to have the production up and running, especially since they have the platform for this vehicle already in place with the current version of the Model 3.

Start Placing Bets

The history of the Tesla brand tells us that dates and times are a moving target for this company. They have never meta production timeframe that was quoted from the onset. This means we should start a betting pool or become a bookie regarding the dates for when the first Model Y will be offered and when the orders that are placed will be filled. There will be a lot for us to learn on March 14 about this new small crossover SUV the following that it may or may not be able to garner from the public.

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