Social Media Algorithms: What They Mean Dealers

Social Media Algorithms What They Mean Dealers

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the constant changes in social media algorithms you may be wondering what’s the best way to make sure your content is shown to your followers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all changed the ways their algorithms work, which ultimately affects how your dealer’s posts and content are seen by customers and followers. This can make you feel like the hard work you put into creating your content is rarely or never seen by your audience, but that’s not true. With anything, there is going to be a learning curve when things change and you can treat algorithm changes the same way. Once you learn the new systems, you’ll be ready to reach your audience with confidence that your posts won’t be hidden among the social media saturation.

Facebook’s Algorithm Updates

In the last year, Facebook has cracked down on businesses and marketers to make Facebook a more friends and family driven site. While that may seem detrimental to your digital marketing efforts, that does not mean your posts will not be seen by your followers and customers. It just means your content has to be geared toward more meaningful content that will engage Facebook users.

Facebook is trying to keep the spammers out and the authentic companies and brands in. You want your content to reflect your business in an authentic and honest way. Make sure your Facebook Business Page has all the correct information from your about section to your address. It’s important that Facebook recognizes your dealer as a credible business. When it comes to planning and creating your content for Facebook focus on words and images that will have followers and users interacting on your posts and your page, and use links to your website strategically and sparingly. Give them something to talk about in the comments like building up their excitement for a new car model.

There are many ways to engage your followers, but the first step is creating content that will make them want to comment and tag their friends and family to check it out. Facebook is all about those engaging posts that capture people’s attention and create conversations on Facebook, which is why the algorithm isn’t too keen on links that take their users off the platform. Be careful not to outwardly ask your followers to comment. Facebook wants to see organic interactions, not ones that are forced fed or influenced too much by the company or brand.

Instagram Algorithm Updates

Instagram seems to be changing their algorithm more often than other social media platforms, but their main focus is also engagement and the length of time spent engaging with your posts and your profile. Instagram is all about personalizing user’s feeds to include what they frequently engage with, so when you’re creating content for your dealer’s Instagram page, be consistent and give your followers what they want. Do a little research on your current and potential followers, see the companies and brands they follow and take note of similarities. It’s important that you remain authentic and post at least once a day to stay in the feeds of your followers. On Instagram, the algorithm equates engaging posts with how credible your profile is and it’s important your content is worthy of engagement.

In regards to the time users spend on your posts and profile, it’s important to the algorithm that your content is engaging and also relevant. People spend more time engaging: commenting, liking, tagging and sharing posts to their Stories with content that speaks to them. You also want to engage with your followers to help build a relationship. Relationships are two-way streets and the more you engage, the stronger your relationships will grow.

Twitter Algorithm Updates

Twitter is another useful and important social media platform for dealers. It’s very fast-paced and gives users quick bites of information. Credibility is also important and your Twitter profile needs to be up to date just like your Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can post to Twitter multiple times a day, but space out your tweets and avoid tweeting excessively. You want Twitter to acknowledge you are a human and not a bot. Just like on Instagram, you want to be tweeting regularly and engaging with your followers and potential followers.

Showing interest and tweeting back to users will grow that brand awareness and improve your rank in Twitter’s algorithm. It’s important to double-check any tweets on Twitter because you cannot edit them once they’re live. Your only option is to delete the tweet and tweet again. It’s vital you triple check your tweets and links to make sure everything is written correctly and linking to the correct sites.

Play by the Rules & Still Be Authentic

As you may have noticed credibility is very important when it comes to social media algorithms. That’s because, with so many brands and companies saturating the digital market, there are also plenty of bots and scammers trying to fool users. Make it a priority to fully complete your dealer’s social media profiles to accurately and honestly reflect your company. Social media algorithms are tricky to keep up with, but with a little practice and experimenting, you’ll be appealing to each platform and creating engaging content in no time.

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