5 Incredible Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

5 Incredible Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

The holidays are upon us, and this time of year requires your team to get into the spirit of things. Put these holiday marketing ideas to work at your car dealership.

The holiday season is a time of joy, peace, and fellowship. It’s also a time when some customers are looking for the perfect gift, and that gift could be a new vehicle. These shoppers are looking for dealers that are embracing the season and ready to make their holiday shopping dreams come true. Let’s look at ways your dealership can get into the spirit of things and bring your customers the desired experience.

Use Holiday Songs to Create Some Special Sales Events

Whether you use Jingle Bells or the 12 Days of Christmas to create the holiday event you want to offer, you can get extra creative and offer something unique. You’ve got a ton of amazing incentives you can offer to your shoppers, and one of the best ways to entice them to buy from you is to offer these incentives on certain days. Some might be related to your service department, while others could be part of the sales process.

The best way to get customers into the spirit with these events leading up to Christmas Day is to offer something different every day. You could use one of the Christmas calendars that begin on the first of the month and go through the 24th. Every day one of your team members could pick an incentive out of the calendar and announce it through your social media marketing efforts. This is a great way to use some amazing holiday marketing ideas to bring more customers to your dealership.

Now is the Best Time to be a Community-Focused Dealership

The holiday season isn’t just a time of exchanging presents with those you love, it’s also a great time for giving back to the community, especially those who are less fortunate than you. Some kids won’t receive toys at all unless generous people donate to toy drives. Some families might not have a holiday meal unless those with more give a little and help out. There are many ways you can get involved in the spirit of giving.

Your dealership location is a great place to host some holiday-giving events. Whether you set up a toy drive collection bin in the showroom or you offer a free oil change to anyone that donates a small bag or box of non-perishable food to your food drive, your location is perfect for these activities. If your team is involved with charities outside of what you host at your location, you can help by supporting these charities with a generous donation of your own. These community events show that you care about the place where you live and work.

Your Online Paid Ads Should Have a Holiday Theme

More shoppers will find you online than any other way. The paid ads you offer during the last few months of the year should certainly have a holiday theme to them. This is one of the most important holiday marketing ideas for your dealership. If your ads are bland, potential customers might not pay much attention to them, even if you have some great deals to offer.

The holiday time of the year is a time of anticipation with a specified end date that finishes at Christmas. This anticipation can be part of your advertising, giving your shoppers special offers that might be revealed to them daily as the time leads up to the signature holiday. Make sure you showcase the themes and fun that we associate with this time of year. Maybe make some of your social advertising interactive with a virtual gift that customers can open with the deal they’ll enjoy when they visit your dealership.

Update Your Dealership Website

Even if you don’t use banner ads on the homepage of your website, you can put a holiday theme to your site to make it offer the celebration and fun that you’re driving at your location. Use your lease offers, or special financing deals with a holiday-themed background to show the celebration your customers could find when they visit your showroom. Many people begin their shopping experience on your website and will arrive at your location expecting a visual celebration.

To create the holiday theme you want, create some graphics and banners that include the deal and the party being offered. This is something you should be doing all year long because almost all months have at least one holiday to help you celebrate the fun and activity offered around that particular event. When your customers click on one of your ads, they should be taken to a holiday-themed website. This is one of the best holiday marketing ideas to ensure your dealership appears to be in the spirit of things, even in the online world.

Turn Your Showroom Into a Holiday Wonderland

Not only will adding holiday decorations around your showroom change the feeling and look of your dealership location, but it will also change your store from a bland and sterile place to one filled with warm colors and holiday cheer. Many shoppers respond extremely well to festive decorations, and your team can enjoy decorating the showroom when they have a slow day, which does happen regularly at car dealerships.

If you do business in an area where there’s a large segment of the population that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you’ll want to incorporate other holiday themes. This can make it fun for all of your customers to visit your car dealership and enjoy the way its been dressed up to celebrate the winter holiday time. This is one of the best holiday marketing ideas that will complete the rest of the activities mentioned. With a holiday-themed dealership and a staff ready to wear silly hats or enjoy some holiday fun while selling cars, your customers and your team can have a great season of giving and selling.

Most of these holiday marketing ideas should be simple and traditional for you and your team. Put them to work and let your customers see that you’re in the spirit of the season.

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