Tesla is the New Kid in Town

The idea of a self-driving vehicle has been thought about for several years and nearly every automaker is working toward this goal including Tesla. In this category, this brand is not the new kid in town. While we’ve known about the Model 3 for a long time, this is a car that has just entered the market, making an affordable car arena new for Tesla, but still not where they are the newest in the market. No, this brand is the latest to toss their name in the hat when it comes to the truck market.

How Can Tesla Help Make Trucking Better

We certainly expect that Tesla could produce long-range electric trucks to offer the drive needed without the emissions that are harmful to the environment, but that isn’t new to the industry. There have been some EV trucks being developed for several years, but it’s possible the team at Tesla may have a lead in this market because of the EV technology they already produce and the focus they have to continue to produce products that don’t use any gasoline at all. This could be a serious advantage to the trucking industry provided by Tesla.

Not only can Tesla offer their EV vehicles that would be better and more capable without the need to have any internal combustion engines, but they also have developed an amazing amount of impressive technologies that can make driving better on the road. The idea is to have several trucks work together on the road in a way that puts the reliance on the system of the trucks rather than the driver. This system will be developed to allow trucks to work together on the road to make sure they can platoon toward the destination and be the trucks that can deliver products safely to the destination.

What Makes Tesla the New Kid

So far, we’ve seen other companies already working on trucks that can platoon together and share information via the Wi-Fi network. The brands of Volkswagen, Daimler, Freightliner, and others have been working on the development of robot-driven trucks that can drive without the need of the driver at all. This is an area that Tesla is now entering without any experience in the trucking industry, but that isn’t going to slow them down or stop them from being able to develop a segment of their company that can work great in this space.

The team at Tesla is already in talks with the California and Nevada DMV offices to be allowed to test their self-driving semi-trucks on the roads in these states. Having several trucks platoon together with a shared connection could make trucking more efficient and easier to complete for those companies that rely on trucks to haul their products from one place to another. In the future, there is a possibility of trucks becoming completely self-driven, which could seriously reduce the costs required to make sure products are brought to the shelves of the stores that we shop in on a daily basis.

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