A Small Engine is All You Need in the Ford Escape

Ford Escape

When you’re looking at the Ford brand, an essential model in the lineup is the FordF-150. Second, only to this truck is the Ford Escape. The Escape is an exciting model for a few reasons. The Ford Escape is one of the smallest crossover SUVs in the Ford lineup, but it competes in the SUV market’s hottest segment.

This small and active SUV is one that Ford has to get right, and they have for a long time. You can drive the Escape with the base powertrain and know that you’ve got everything you need in a compact crossover SUV.

What is the base powertrain of the Ford Escape?

The starting point for the power you’ll find in the Ford Escape gives you a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine. This engine is small but mighty, giving you 181 horsepower and 190 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll find an eight-speed automatic transmission attached to this engine to provide you with 26 city/31 hwy mpg for the drive. Meaning you’ll have the power you want and the efficiency you wish to at several different trims. You can enjoy this powertrain in AWD to give you the added control you want on the road.

The Right Style for the Escape

While the Ford Escape might look like the rest of the models on the way, with the converse being a strong argument, the style of this SUV is one that makes it easy for you to enjoy the drive. You’re not driving an SUV that polarizes or turns some people off; it’s a vehicle that will give you a look you want when you take a drive. Enjoy the fact that the rest of the world has copied your taste when you take the Escape out for a ride.

A Roomy Cabin from Ford

You’ll find a cabin that gives you more room than the next most popular competitors in the compact crossover SUV market. The Ford Escape has a longer wheelbase, its more extensive, and there’s more headroom than in the other models in the market, giving you the comfort you want to take a drive. When you have passengers in the rear seats, they can slide the seats forward or backward to have more room and enjoy the ride with more comfort on the road.

Find the Tech You Want in the Escape

Choose the Ford Escape in the SEL trim, and you’ll find the third-generation of the Ford SYNC infotainment system to give you the sounds you want and offer the appeal of connecting the way you want. The eight-inch touchscreen allows you to see the apps when connect using AppleCarPlay, Android Auto, or Amazon Alexa. There are several USB ports for you to enjoy using and charging your devices when you’re on the road. Even though the Escape only seats five people, there are eight cupholders to give you a place for more than one drink if you need it.

The Safety You Desire in a Ford

Regardless of the trim that you choose for the Ford Escape, you’re going to have a package of safety features and driver-assist items that make it easy for you to have the confidence you desire. You’ll have features including automatic high beams, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, and automatic braking. These items are all standard fare, but if you want more, you can add the Co-Pilot 360 Assist package to the mix and have a navigation system and adaptive cruise control with stop and go functionality.

Should You Drive The Ford Escape?

You’ll hear a resounding “yes” when you ask this question. The Ford Escape has a spacious cabin, offers a strong base engine, and brings you intuitive infotainment to make it easy for you to drive and enjoy on the road. You’ll love the feeling of taking this SUV out on the road and know that you made the right choice. The road manners and fuel mileage make the Escape one of the most affordable options you can find when looking for a great way to take a drive and experience Ford’s quality for yourself.

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