Fuel-Efficient – The Best Fuel-Efficient Brand is Honda

Fuel Efficient - The Best Fuel-Efficient Brand is Honda

It might seem strange that Honda is the most fuel-efficient brand on the market in the US. Toyota has offered us the Prius for a long time as one of the most efficient hybrids models on the market and other brands have given us a variety of ways that we can see impressive efficiency as well. When you measure the efficiency across the entire lineup of Honda and what it happens to offer, to give us the drive we desire and the savings desired when on the roads that we have to travel on a daily basis.

Another Benefit of Driving a Fuel-Efficient Honda

Not only has Honda been named the most fuel-efficient brand being sold in the US, but it also has the lowest CO2 emissions rating of any of the major automakers to show the least negative effect on the environment that we live in. This data was collected from the 2017 model year, which was the last full year for the data available. With this in mind, you’re going to want to drive a Honda vehicle, because you know that you can feel a lot better about it when you head out on the road.

Let’s Look at the Honda Numbers

The overall fleet average when it comes to fuel economy for Honda comes in at 29.4 mpg which is an improvement of 3.1 mpg over the past five years and a full 4.5 mpg above the average for the industry. The CO2 emissions reached the industry low of 302 grams/mile which was an improvement of 36 grams/mile from the 2012 test and is also 55 grams/mile better than the industry average. These numbers tell you the story that you want when you’re looking for a vehicle that drives right and helps you save the planet at the same time.

More Advancements Being Made for the Environment by Honda

In 2018, Honda set new records for the sales and production of electrified vehicles in America. This was strongly achieved by the introduction of the new 2019 Honda Insight hybrid sedan which is built in Greensburg, IN. Another model that assisted in the growth of the efficient models by Honda was the Accord Hybrid which is built in Marysville, OH. The Russells Point, OH plant began to build the two-motor hybrid power unit that’s used in both the Insight and the Accord hybrid models.

An Increase in Alternative Fuel Sales for the Fuel-Efficient Honda

The Honda Clarity series was introduced in the market in 2017 and now features a battery-electric, fuel cell, and plug-in hybrid model for the name. This series of vehicles contributed to the increased sales of alternative fuel vehicles and reduced the CO2 emissions for the brand. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is one that’s sold in all 50 states and it tops all of the other plug-in hybrid models for the past few months.

As you can easily see, Honda has been working toward reducing the emissions while increasing the fuel mileage of its lineup with new models that offer the hybrid we want and the electrification we’re after. If you’re looking for an excellent alternative model to drive, you’re going to want to see the team at your Honda dealer to find the right vehicle for you.


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