Some Facts You Should Know About Car Colors

Some Facts You Should Know About Car Colors

When you have the choice of different car colors, are you looking for a particular hue for reasons you’ve been told by others?

There are many factors in choosing the car you want to drive.  Whether you like the classic colors of black, gray, and white or you’re ready to enjoy a red, blue, or orange car, you’ll want to know whether or not the color of your car has any impact on other aspects of your drive.

Does the Color of Your Car Affect the Resale Value?

Yes, car colors do have an impact on the resale value of a car. If you choose a car in a more unconventional color, you’re going to sell it for much less than if you had one that was painted in black, white, or gray. Make a smart choice when looking at the color you want for the car you drive.

Red Cars Cost More to Insure?

This is an untrue myth about car colors. This misconception comes from the idea that having a red car makes you more likely to be pulled over when speeding. In reality, insurance companies don’t care about the color of your car, they do care whether or not you receive speeding tickets. Go ahead and get the red car and keep your speed under control.

The Color of Your Car Affects the Chances it Will be Stolen?

This seems to be true. For some reason, many car thieves will target bright cars and leave others behind. This could be because sports cars offer car colors that span the rainbow and are some of the most likely cars to be stolen. Some cars are sought after by those these thieves sell to when they get ready to turn them over.

Bright Colored Cars are Cooler than Dark Colored Cars?

This is true. Choose among the car colors offered and find one that’s brighter than the rest. This happens because of how heat is retained by dark surfaces and reflected off bright surfaces. In fact, the closer to white or silver that you can get, the cooler your car will be when you get back to it and get ready to take a drive. That doesn’t mean you can’t have that black car you desire but understand it will be hotter.

The Color of Your Car Increases Your Chances of Being Pulled Over?

The truth is, bright cars are easier to spot in a sea of black, white, and gray on the road. While having a brightly colored car doesn’t mean you will be pulled over more often, but if you’re in a group of cars that are all speeding, you’re more likely to be pulled over because you’re easier to spot. While this might not seem fair, it can be the truth.

Car colors can impact your driving and what happens to you on the road. If you’re buying a brightly colored sports car, invest in a theft-deterrent system. If you want a black, white, or gray car, expect to enjoy excellent resale value. The color of the car you drive matters.

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