Minivan or Crossover – Which is Best for You?

Minivan or Crossover – Which is Best for You?

The minivan has been the go-to family car/hauling vehicle for many years; long before the crossover SUV came onto the scene.

But now the crossover has become the most popular vehicle type on the US market, while the minivan still remains a strong favorite among many. So when it comes to a larger family vehicle, which is best for you-minivan or crossover? It all depends on taste, personal preference, and purpose –what will you be using the vehicle for? There’s also aesthetics and drivability aspects to consider. Let’s take a look at the crossover first and see what it has to offer.

Crossover Beauty Queen!

It seems the crossover wins hands down in the beauty contest. The consensus is that they look better than an SUV, with more of a sleek design, they’re not as boxy as a minivan, and they don’t scream ‘suburban mom and dad mobile.’ Many also agree that because of their sleeker design, three-row crossover SUV’s drive, handle and ride better than the more hefty minivan. And with their all-wheel drive, they can also go to more places. They can also tow and tow more weight. And variety is also a plus –there are lots more options to choose from.

So how about minivans?

There is no denying that minivans are family-friendly. For starters, people love the sliding doors, they avoid damage in parking lots and other tight spots, preventing a lot of door dings on your own and other vehicles.

More space

There’s more space in a minivan –they’re designed with kids in mind, with comfier and roomier third-row seats that have ample legroom, plenty of storage spots, family-friendly features like conversation mirrors, and easy accessibility to all seating areas. In addition, there’s plenty of storage space for hauling sports or camping gear, and higher headroom for those big items from Home Depot or bargains off Craigslist. Several crossovers, both compact and mid-size, do offer third-row seating, but many claims that compared to a minivan, they can seem rather cramped. The advantage of a minivan is that the roomier third-row seats can accommodate both adults and kids, and therefore you can comfortably take seven people on a road trip if you want.

The verdict?

The consensus is that for those who value aesthetics, style, and drivability more than utilitarian purposes, and for those who want to go off-road or have a trailer to tow, the crossover makes more sense.  But for those who value utility over looks and style, and want a more comfortable and roomy vehicle for road trips, family vacations, carpooling, and hauling gear -a minivan is still the preferred choice.

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