A Nissan Frontier for the Rescue Crews

A Nissan Frontier for the Rescue Crews

At the recent Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil, Nissan showed up with a customized version of the Frontier that’s based on the 2014 platform.

Many times, we see automakers upgrade and customize some of their vehicles for specific purposes in order to make sure a vehicle can be ready to handle the challenges in front of it. This new Frontier is called the Frontier Sentinel and it’s built for a specific purpose and for the occupation that you hopefully will never need to make use of but could at some point in your life.

This Nissan Frontier Can Get You Out of Trouble

The Frontier Sentinel concept model is the idea that Nissan has had of a rescue truck for the future. This truck is tough, rugged, lifted, and filled with the materials that are needed. This Frontier is equipped with a snorkel for going through water, a winch to handle getting to places that are difficult to reach and pull vehicles out of trouble, and a special lighting system. This truck is one that can be used for rescue missions and head out into the wilderness when a distress call is made.

More Equipment to let the Sentinel do its Job

There are two Nissan Leaf battery packs that are offered to provide auxiliary power for rescue missions. This added power allows the Frontier Sentinel to handle any terrain in Brazil from the jungle to the mountains. This is a truck that can move through the darkness with confidence and help find you and get you out of trouble. There are custom cargo bed features that include drawers that can be filled with mountain rescue gear including ropes, axes, flashlights, toolboxes, and more, making it possible for this truck to get you out of trouble.

An Item to Find You

On top of the Nissan Sentinel is a helipad. This is where a search drone can be launched to be able to find you in the Brazilian wilderness. With this drone, a rescue team can plot the best way to get to your location and make the rescue without putting themselves in danger at the same time. It’s important to make sure the rescue team can get the job done, otherwise there could be additional people that are in danger in the wilderness, which is what makes the drone useful and important to this truck.

A bright Paint Scheme on this Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier Sentinel concept model showed up in Sao Paulo with a beautiful blue color scheme that’s inspired by the Hyacinth Macaw, which is a South American Parrot species. This truck looks great, is packed with amazing features, and has the toughness and rugged ride that can be used to get you out of trouble. This is a truck you’re going to hope that your rescue teams have and can make use of when they head out to do their jobs. If you’re in danger, you might see the drone and then the Nissan Frontier Sentinel to get you out of trouble in the future.

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