Benefits of a Car Donation

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When you’re making a car donation, the organization you donate to should be a huge part of the decision.
You want the greatest benefit to be enjoyed from the vehicle you’re giving. To make this happen, you need to give your car to an organization that will make use of the car and not simply send it to the junkyard to take the scrap value of the vehicle.

Can Your Old Car Teach a New Skill?

With more people than ever struggling to make their money stretch far enough to cover their bills, the need for educated people in all areas has grown. That education doesn’t have to be a four-year college degree, it can be a certification program that teaches a skill that many of us require. One skill that your old car could teach is automotive technology and the Newgate School is the perfect place for you to bring your ride.

Why Choose Newgate for Your Car Donation?

Your old car can enjoy a second life when you donate it to the Newgate School. This special school teaches automotive technology, repair, and restoration to students who attend. What makes it special is the fact that students never have to pay for tuition to attend this school. This allows low-income adults to learn a new skill and gain access to a career in the automotive world.

What are the Benefits of Donating to Newgate?

It seems like a direct line from your car donation to students being taught through hands-on instruction at the Newgate School. When you make a donation to this school, your old car could be used in a variety of ways and can help this school with the programs it supports. The cars donated are used for more than simple automotive instruction when they come to Newgate.

You Might See Your Old Car on the Road Again

The Newgate School has to bring money in to be self-sustaining. One way this happens is through auctions that are held for cars that are donated. When you make a car donation to this school, the students and instructors work to make sure it’s in good working condition and can be sold again. These auctions bring money into the school and the students gain valuable instruction.

A Single Mother Could Receive Your Old Car

You don’t need your old car any longer, which is why you chose to make a car donation to the Newgate School. Some of the cars that are refurbished are given to the Wheels for Women program which provides vehicles to low-income single mothers in the area. You might just see your old ride heading down the road with a new family inside as they enjoy the freedom that having a car provides.

Does the Condition of Your Car Matter?

Some organizations might expect you to donate a car that works well or perform some necessary maintenance before giving them your car. When you make a car donation to the Newgate School, the age, condition, and drivability doesn’t matter at all. The team at this school will give you a tax certificate to file with your tax return and take your old ride off your hands.

Do You Need to Do the Title Work Before Making a Car Donation?

Most of the organizations you will consider giving your car will require that you take care of the title paperwork before making your donation. That’s not the case with the Newgate School. This team has experts on staff that can handle the title work for you and take your car off your hands today. This makes it much easier for you to donate a car to this school.

Make the Greatest Impact with Your Old Car

When you have a car that you no longer drive and you want to find the right place to donate that car, you need to consider bringing it to the Newgate School. Many organizations can benefit from your old car, but none have the capability to make the greatest difference to the community with your old car.
The Newgate School provides vocational training to low-income adults in the area, they sell or donate cars that have been inspected and certified as being in good condition for driving, and they help students find jobs in the automotive industry. Help someone in your area get a step upward by making a car donation to Newgate today. All you need to do is bring your car and your title and the staff at this school will do the rest.

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