The Top 10 Instagram Accounts That Car Lovers Need to Follow Now

The Top 10 Instagram Accounts That Car Lovers Need to Follow Now

If your life revolves around cars and you can’t get enough, when you’re perusing Instagram, you should follow these accounts.

If the dirt under your nails doesn’t remind you to scrub but only the memory of the tuning you did to your ride last night, you’ll love these accounts. When you love speed, excitement, and the amazing aggression of vehicles, you’re going to want to be a follower of these accounts.

See Some Amazing Cars from Europe

Follow along with @jayson.fung and enjoy the gorgeous photos he captures of stunning and unique cars around Europe. Jayson is an Australian automotive photographer based in Europe and his content is incredible. Your imagination can run wild and the images you’ll see will get your own motor running as you look through all of his posts and see the cars he’s found.

Vintage Rides Are Found Here

If you want to see some cars from days past that have been either restored, will be restored, or are perfectly maintained, you’ll want to follow @petrolicious. This Los Angeles-based company brings you the beautiful vintage cars that you’re sure to admire. Become a follower and let this be the place where you see the cars that have been part of the history of the automotive industry.

Do You Want to See the Cars Driving Around in Japan?

The right Instagram account to follow when you want to see the various supercar, classic car, and sports cars that are driving around onthe island nation of Japan is @kenmsaito. Check out the busy Tokyo streets with some of the most amazing cars riding around on the roads in this big and busy city. You’ll even see some JDM legends that bring you an exotic Asian feeling.

Rally Driving At its Very Best

Ken Block is one of the most famous drivers in the world and his content is amazing, but an account that gives you another vantage point is @thespeedhunters. This is one of the most popular automotive accounts and you’ll get to see the action shots of Ken Block as he shows off his amazing skills from behind the wheel of rally and drift cars that have become part of his legacy.

If You Loved the cars of the 1980s…

Most of us might look at the 1980s as the lost decade for cars and a time when everything lost its style, but the account of @poolsidefm would tell you differently. While this is the Instagram account for the independent online radio station Poolside FM, you’ll also find a variety of amazing 1980s vintage cars that give you something cool to see and admire.

Amazing Super Cars at High Prices

Even though you might not be able to part with the four or five-figure annual fee to join the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, you can still follow their Instagram account and enjoy the beautiful models they offer. The handle is @cccmanhattan and you’ll get a peek at the amazing cars they drive including a 550 Spyder, a vintage BMW 2002, a slammed Chevy Ct, and a neon-green Lamborghini.

When You’re Dreaming, Concept Carsare What You Want to See

The dreams of many car designers are brought to your view when you follow @automobileconcepts. This is an excellent place to see the cars of yesteryear and enjoy the designs that might have never made it to the production line. There may be some aspects of these cars that you recognize on the models that are part of the market that we enjoy today.

Off-Road Images Make it to Your Feed

Become a follower of the Instagram account @petrolicious and you’ll see an amazing array of off-road vehicles out in the wilderness. Whether you want to see the newest upgrades to the Jeep Wrangler or a classic Chevy Blazer out on the trails, you’ll be amazed by what this account brings to your feed. Check out what they have to offer and let this become the doorway to their website for you.

Get a Few Laughs Out of Some Strange Cars

There are many people around the world who have inventively modified their vehicles, or maybe not so much, to give us something that we often wonder “why did they do that?” The Instagram account to follow is @shitcabs where you’ll see some odd rendering and seriously strange modifications to some of the cars that we love to drive. Check out this account and enjoy a few laughs.

The Cars of BeverlyHills Come to Your Account

All you’ve got to do is become a follower of @beverlyhillscarclub and you’ll see some of the most awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping vintage cars in the world. We know there are many wealthy people that have made Beverly Hillstheir home and they love to show off in some incredible cars that will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

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