Rolls-Royce Ghost: Pure Smooth Luxury Driving

Rolls-Royce Ghost: Pure Smooth Luxury Driving

We’ve seen the Rolls-Royce Ghost in the automotive world for more than a decade, and it continues to be one of the smoothest cars to drive.

When you want a car that offers you the top luxury experience on the road, the long-wheelbase version of the Ghost is a car that gives you the length you want and the amazing feeling you’re after. You’ll love the perfectly polished hood that covers an amazing engine to give you the power needed to make this big car go where you want. Step inside and experience the plushness of this amazing car.

An Interesting Package of Luxury

The Ghost is the least expensive car in the Rolls-Royce lineup, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel pampered when you’re behind the wheel of this big sedan. Actually, even at the lower price for this car, you’ll still likely have a driver to take you wherever you need to go. Check out the pure opulence that comes with any car that bears the Spirit of Ecstasy as the hood ornament you’ll see on the front of this car. The Ghost might not be exactly cheap at more than $300,000, but it is the value player in the lineup.

Driving Made with the Right Suspension Build

This glorious sedan gives you one of the supplest suspensions in the automotive world. The Rolls-Royce Ghost uses a chassis based on an older BMW 7 Series to give you the quality and comfortable feeling you want during your time out on the road. When you’re driving this car, you’ll barely notice any potholes and abrasions on the pavement. With the incredible level of horsepower, you’ll have a smooth feeling that never falters during your drive. This car rides perfectly and gives you the elegance and sophistication you’re looking for from this brand.

Everything About this Car is Hand-Made

Looking inside the cabin of the Ghost, you’ll find a package filled with amazing materials that are ideal for your comfort and ride quality. These items for the cabin are assembled by sixty craftsmen that take over 450 man-hours per car to perfect this amazing machine. You’ll love the detail offered with soft leather and amazing buttons and switches that will give you the controls you’ll admire. The goal of the cabin area of this car is for you to have the comfort you want with rear seats that offer a lounge setting to give you seats that angle toward each other for easier conversation during your ride.

Admire the Presence of this Incredible Car

You’re not going to find very many cars that have the same presence on the road as the Rolls-Royce Ghost. These cars are large, imposing, stylish, shapely, and covered in gorgeous chrome. The shape of this car has been around for several decades, giving you the big luxury car that brings you an amazing look and build for your drive. Enter this car using the rear-hinged doors, which make sure you can get in and experience the plushest drive of your life.

A Perfect Package for Your Ghost

Choose the Black Badge package for the Rolls-Royce that you want to drive. This turns the Ghost into a car that is much cooler than you might expect when you’re out on the road. This package adds carbon-fiber wheels with dark chrome accents, more power than the base model, and improved driving manners to give you a little more curve carving than you find without this package.

Of course, no matter what you want in your Rolls-Royce, you can have it; this company will do just about anything you want to the car; for a price.

A Few of the Standard Items

A sinister and stylish top-end luxury car does have a few standard features to give you a great place to start. The Ghost gives you a set of soft-closing doors, a leather interior package, and rich wood trim to give you the trim package you want to admire. You’ll also find a 16-speaker audio system, a navigation system, a rotary controller for the infotainment system, and adaptive cruise control. This car has a standard panoramic sunroof that is amazing and a head-up display for your driver.

Add More to the Mix

While the only limit to what you can have in the Rolls-Royce Ghost is your own imagination, this is a car that has several factory options that are already planned to give you some great upgrades. You can have custom paint jobs, improved trim, and upscale furnishings. Some of the most popular choices include lamb’s-wool foot mats, picnic tables, and a rear-compartment cool box. Add a set of personalized headrests, enjoy gold-plated pinstripes, and a long list of items that can be added for you to have the perfect car for your driving pleasure.

Experience the Power of the Ghost

Rolls-Royce has fit this car with a magnificent powertrain that’s been sourced from BMW. This powertrain begins with a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that gives you 563 horsepower and 605 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission to give you the ability to reach sixty mph in 4.7 seconds. Choose the Black Badge version of this car, and you’ll have a power bump to 603 horsepower and 620 lb.-ft. of torque. Figure out which version of this car will be the one you choose for riding around on the highways.

Rolls-Royce Brings You An Amazing Drive

Everything you expect in a pure, smooth, elegant, and luxurious drive can be found in the Rolls-Royce Ghost. This amazing car is big, bold, beautiful, and ready for you and your driver to take it home once the team in England builds it to your exact specifications. Find out what you can have in this car and how much it will cost for you to get everything you’re looking for when it’s time for you to have the car that will give you perfection out on the road.

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