Lamborghini had a Record Breaking First Quarter

Lamborghini had a Record Breaking First Quarter

A record-breaking first quarter for Lamborghini would be a shallow one for some of the mass-production automakers.

The boutique sports car brand delivered 2,539 vehicles globally, marking the best Q1 for this brand. This number shows an increase over last year of five percent and a massive 31 percent increase over the same period for 2020. We might see a record number of sales for this brand as the year continues, but we won’t know that until we complete more of the year and see the sales figures for this Italian automaker.

What was the Sales Distribution?

This automaker delivers vehicles in three central regions: Europe/Middle East/Africa, which accounts for 40 percent of all sales; America, accounting for 32 percent of sales; and the Asia Pacific, representing 28 percent of the sales. Most of these areas saw growth in the overall sales during the first quarter of the year. The only exception to the sales growth occurred in Russia, where the company suspended operations after the invasion of Ukraine. It’s not yet known if this brand will move into other world regions.

What’s the Most Popular Model from this Brand?

Nearly half of all sales from Lamborghini came in the form of the Urus SUV. This SUV delivers the benefits of a vehicle wearing this brand name while also adding the versatility and usefulness of an SUV that works well for families worldwide. The rest of the models sold showed a split between the Huracan and Aventador sports cars. This brand we’ve admired for generations for its sports cars, but the Urus SUV propels sales beyond anything the company has experienced in the past.

Practicality Meets the Supercar Pedigree

The Urus is an SUV that delivers the benefits of track day fun and performance while offering the build that allows you to enjoy an impressive size and build for an incredible drive. This SUV will turn heads when you take it to the track or drive it to the store to pick up a few groceries. While the most beneficial model in the lineup, the Urus has a gas-guzzling V12 engine that you’ll have to fill often if you use this luxury SUV for road trips. Of course, if you’re driving this SUV, you won’t mind the gas mileage of this high-powered vehicle.

The Urus Tears Up the Track During a Lightning Lap

Car and Driver took the latest version of the Lamborghini Urus to the Virginia International Raceway to perform its annual Lightning Lap event. This high-powered, high-priced SUV was put up against the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the 707-horsepower Hellcat engine. The Trackhawk might make more power, but the winner at this Lightning Lap event was the Urus SUV. This result gives the Lambo the crown as the fastest SUV ever tested by the reviewers at Car and Driver.

What Does the Urus Offer?

The Urus offers something with the raging bull badge on the front that no other model has, a rear seat. There’s room for a small family to enjoy this SUV, and it has an excellent level of cargo for you to have space for some stuff. If you need the Urus to be a do-it-all SUV, it can even tow a small trailer for you. The package qualities and power package make this SUV one of the most impressive models in the luxury SUV market.

Going Extroverted With this Sporty Vehicle

The usefulness of the Urus is only matched by the sportiness offered, which makes this one of the most attractive and stylish vehicles in the market. If you want a recommended model that uses the benefits of the extroverted family hauler, you’ll want to have the new Pearl Capsule appearance package. If you’re a fan of green paint, Verde Mantis is your color. This paint is offset by black exterior elements and massive 23-inch wheels. You’ll find a similar color scheme inside the Lamborghini Urus, giving you a look you want with a sporty feeling and a helpful build.

Power and Speed Found in the Urus

Every model of the Urus uses a twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 641 horsepower to give you some serious juice to sprint down the track. This vehicle has full-time AWD and the performance elements to rip through the curves on your way to dropping the kids off at school. The sprint speed for the Urus is 3.1 seconds to reach 60 mph, with a quarter-mile time of 11.3 seconds at 121 mph. If you want a seriously fast SUV, this is for you as it also brings a top speed of 190 mph.

Lamborghini Found its Practical Side

The interior space of the Urus offers the practicality you don’t usually see from this brand. You’ll see faux-suede and carbon-fiber trim throughout the cabin. The gauges are reconfigurable, and the rear area has enough room for up to three people. You’ll also enjoy 22 cubic feet of cargo area behind the rear seats. If you opt for rear bucket seats, you’ll have two seats in this area and lose two cubic feet of cargo room for the rear of the SUV. The interior also features several storage areas, including door pockets and a bin in the floating center stack of the vehicle.

Now You Know Why this Brand had a Great First Quarter

The record sales enjoyed by the Lamborghini brand during the first quarter of this year were dominated by impressive sales of the Urus SUV. This vehicle delivers what growing families need and desire in their SUVs. The Urus can be the perfect choice for those looking for a luxury SUV that reaches power, sportiness, and performance that can be a lot of fun. Of course, the price that comes to more than $225,000 might not fit into some budgets, but so far, the Urus is a hit for this Italian sports car brand.

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