Lamborghini Centenario: Power and Elegance Celebrating Lamborghini’s Legacy

Lamborghini Centenario: Power and Elegance Celebrating Lamborghini’s Legacy

The Lamborghini Centenario is more than a traditional supercar. This incredible machine came to the market in 2017 to mark Ferrucio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday.

Most of us know the Lamborghini name for its incredible line of supercars that have come to the market for more than fifty years as some of the most powerful and aggressive cars offered. Well before the first Lamborghini supercar ever came into existence, Ferrucio built tractors. The company still produces farm tractors that are sold in many countries, mostly Europe, but the supercars are admired across the globe.

The Centenario hit two incredible anniversaries

This Lamborghini supercar was made to pay tribute to the man who started it all. He would have turned 100 in 2017, the year the Centenario was released, but that’s not the only marked anniversary of the time. 2017 also marked the 50th anniversary of the Miura, which came to be in 1967.

Instead of adding this century-marking supercar to the lineup of production models, the Centenario continues the series of Lamborghini one-off limited edition models that have come before it. Some of these previous low-production performance machines include the Reventon, Sesto Elemento, and Veneno. These cars, along with the Centenario, showcase the talents of the team, letting them create something incredible.

More power to bring the heat

The Lamborghini Centenario carries on the strong focus of the mid-engine V12 architecture that’s been part of the Aventador lineup. Of course, to make this special car more incredible, the Lamborghini team had to beef it up with more power, which was enough to deliver a car that could rocket to a top speed of 217 mph.

As you might expect, this celebratory machine came with enough power to make it the most powerful production engine from Lamborghini at the time. The naturally-aspirated engine produces 759 horsepower, which is only 19 more than the Aventador Superveloce, but it’s still more. Lamborghini raised the redline to 8,600 rpm, which should help this car reach 60 mph in less than 2.8 seconds while rocketing to 186 mph in only 23.5 seconds.

Is this Lamborghini any good on a track?

One of the most important qualities of any supercar is the ability to take on the track and rocket around the circle or turns at high speeds. The Centenario features a rear-wheel-steering system that reduces the turning circle while stabilizing high-speed handling. This feature helps take this incredible car through the turns quickly, making this one of the most incredible supercars on any track.

As expected, drive models are available to help control various driving aspects of the car. These modes are Strada, Sport, and Corsa, which provide increasing degrees of power and performance for some serious fun.

Every flap, fold, and surface of the Lamborghini Centenario is made with performance and speed in mind. From the massive front fascia, which sucks in tons of air, to the rear spoiler that helps push the rear of the car down on the track at high speeds, this car is made to tear up the track and show what Lamborghini can create.

This beauty provides serious comfort in the cabin

Stepping inside the Lamborghini Centenario brings a welcome feeling for any driver. The seats are carbon-fiber sports seats with tons of stitched leather and microsuede. The Centenario has a larger infotainment screen than the Aventador, with a 10.1-inch screen in the center to give drivers desired connectivity on the road. This screen might have been scoffed at by early Lamborghini drivers, but with the performance data recorder included, every enthusiast can find this system useful.

Some might not find the cabin comfortable. The central structural tub is made entirely of carbon fiber, which helps keep the weight down. The Centenario only weighs 3351 pounds dry, which is much lighter than the 4085 pounds of the Aventador.

How limited are the Centenario numbers?

Lamborghini only built 40 of these cars. They were split evenly between coupes and roadsters, which makes this car a low-volume model with a high price tag that would certainly be worth the cost to those who love to collect these special cars. The starting price for this car is $1.9 million, and as you can guess, this car sold out almost immediately, with many buyers looking for ways to make their Centenario unique among the group of 40 models built.

The Centenario is more than a fitting tribute to the man who took his company from farm tractors to supercars. This car certainly stole the show at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, giving the crowd something incredible to see and admire.

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