BMW i Vision Dee: An Incredible New Concept

BMW i Vision Dee: An Incredible New Concept

What if your car could talk to you? What if it understood everything you said? Forget KITT and think BMW i Vision Dee. This new concept car is interactive.

Commuting to work is no longer a lonely venture with this new BMW car. Shown in its concept form at the most recent Consumer Electronics Show, the Dee is a car that provides a real experience when you drive. As expected of a new concept machine from BMW, this car delivers a minimalistic approach to future driving. While only a concept so far, the idea that you could have a car that interacts with you is pretty cool.

This BMW has a face that lights up

Instead of the traditional twin-kidney grille on the front of this new BMW, it brings a color-shifting face that can be expressive and offer some responses to your communication. You can ask questions, receive programmed responses, and even enjoy some back-and-forth with the Dee. One such answer it gave at CES was, “My father was an E30,” which gives the notion this car might be set to offer fun, funny, and useful answers depending upon the mood or desires of the person asking the questions.

The facial expressions are incredible

Using the closed area where headlights and grille meet, the new BMW Dee brings a uniform surface area where various facial expressions can present themselves. The car could be programmed to show moods and emotions, including joy, surprise, and approval. Will this car mimic the owner’s personality, or could it have its own way of thinking and responding? Considering the advancements being made in virtual and artificial intelligence, it’s entirely plausible that this car could learn to offer similar emotions as its owner and respond to people appropriately.

Does this concept car look familiar at all?

The smooth panels finished in white with a closed front area allow this new BMW to appear more like a Tesla than a BMW. The size and stance give this new concept the appearance of a classic BMW such as the 2002 or E30. During normal driving, the Dee shows a large kidney-grille shape which ends at the headlights. The rear features a light bar running across the trunk to offer a seamless appearance, which has become an expected element of new and futuristic models. This car loses much of the BMW typical fussiness, although it does maintain the signature style of the rear windows.

Could this be a new, completely electrified car

To date, most of the EV models from BMW typically swap out the ICE engine for an electric powertrain. The next step in this evolution is to move to electric-only platforms and develop vehicles that are futuristic. If you want to see this car come to life, it’s a possibility. BMW has a penchant for building and producing its concept cars rather than using them only as the inspiration for future models. The now-gone BMW i8 and i3 are both examples of concepts that hit production, even if only for a short time.

Lots of colors for this new electric future car

In addition to being an interactive car that could become your driving buddy on the road, the BMW i Vision Dee brings new color-shifting technology in the E-Ink which BMW showed last year at the same location during CES 2022. This means a new owner of this car could pick which color they want for each day. The color-shifting ink offers 32 different colors to make it easy to transform to a different color or each day of the month.

The Dee has a distinct, classic build

Many of the new electric concept cars we’ve seen appear to be extremely similar. Many automakers appear to have forgotten that style matters, and we don’t want to see the same shape over and over again. This new i Vision Dee is a three-box sedan that makes it look great. As you might expect from BMW, the brand is bucking current trends to offer a sedan shape that makes a lot more sense and adds an incredible level of style for the drive. This gives the Dee an attractive look.

The largest screen in any car

How big can infotainment screens get? It doesn’t matter anymore. The BMW i Vision Dee transforms the entire windshield into one giant screen. The dashboard is minimalistic, with only a steering wheel and a “Mixed Reality Slider,” which is a touchpad to control how much information you see on the massive head-up display that is the windshield. Many of the readings you would normally see on the infotainment screen are now on the dashboard. Some conversations have been had regarding the safety of adding excessive information in front of the driver, but BMW maintains this system is safer than using a touchscreen, which most of us are guilty of looking at while driving anyway.

Will this new BMW make sense in the market

The movement toward electric vehicles is going strong, but this new BMW might be taking things a little too far. How many drivers want a car that has everything from their navigation directions to their social media posts on the windshield? There’s no evidence that this new concept will be met with approval. In fact, there’s more evidence that BMW enthusiasts would love to see the brand bring things backward rather than plowing forward. Still, forward is the way things go.

Could your new BMW be the driving companion you need

Some people call a friend or loved one during their commute; others listen to music, and some will use this time to reflect and clear their minds. None of these activities suggest a great deal of focus on the road, but we’ll leave that aside for now. The new BMW i Vision Dee could be the driving companion you’ve been waiting for. You won’t find a need to pick up others on the way to work, call and bother others on their way to work, or clear your head. Instead, you can have a conversation with your car and get caught up on what’s going on at the same time.

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