Best Safety Innovations From the Auto Industry

Best Safety Innovations From the Auto Industry

Some of the best safety innovations in the auto industry have become standard features in every vehicle, while others are singular to various automakers.

Ever since the invention of the seatbelt and its adoption by Volvo, safety has become an important part of the auto market. The early days of this industry only saw a few cars on the road, but today, millions of vehicles head out for a drive every day. Although seatbelts are still the primary safety feature of every car, truck, SUV, or van, there have been some great safety features developed by the industry that help us avoid crashes and stay safer in our vehicles.

Electronic Stability Control Gives You a Fighting Chance

Before Electronic Stability Control became a standard feature in 2013, drivers could face the challenge of losing control while braking. This feature analyzes steering and braking inputs to help drivers have enough power and control to avoid an accident when desired. If you have to brake hard and turn to the side or another lane, your modern vehicle makes it easier to avoid an accident with this feature.

Driver Assist Safety Technology Keeps You Out of Trouble

Modern vehicles make a lot of noise. Despite featuring quiet cabins, if you’re getting close to the lane line, you’ll see and hear a warning; if you’re too close to the car in front of you, the car alerts you; if a person or vehicle is in your rear path while backing up, you’ll hear another warning. These driver-assist safety systems are in place to help you avoid an accident by warning you of potential issues. These items are constantly being upgraded and improved.

Ford’s Blind-Spot Information System Is Pretty Impressive

Ford developed an advanced blind-spot system which is one of the best safety innovations in the auto industry. This system uses two multiple-beam radar modules to detect vehicles in the blind spots. It also features a cross-traffic alert system that warns the driver of approaching vehicles or obstacles while backing out of a parking spot. This system helps keep Ford drivers from hitting other vehicles or swaying into the next lane when another vehicle is in the way.

Rearview Cameras Have Become Extremely Important

For the past few years, rearview cameras have become a standard part of every vehicle sold. This feature makes it much easier to back up or park, especially when you have the rear of your SUV loaded to the roof and still need to be able to see what’s going on around you. Some vehicles display the feed on the rearview mirror, while others put it on the infotainment screen. This feature, coupled with rear cross-traffic alerts, helps drivers navigate parking lots much easier.

Small Impact Safety Features

Some of the best safety innovations in the auto industry have to do with the condition of the vehicle and the driver. These features include tire pressure monitoring systems, run-flat tires, a driver-attention monitor, a head-up display, and rear occupant alerts. It’s easy to see how each of these features adds a little more to the safety of a vehicle, whether it’s in motion or when parked. Using these items, you’ll know when it’s time to put air in the tires, take a break, or retrieve your child from the rear seat.

Mercedes-Benz Offers Better Night Visibility

Night vision is a relatively new technology in the automotive industry, but some automakers are starting to add it to their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has added the Night View Assist PLUS feature, which allows drivers to see pedestrians and animals at night. This system uses a forward-facing infrared camera to detect these potential obstacles to help drivers avoid them. The position of the animal or pedestrian is highlighted on a hi-res color display in the instrument cluster, aiding drivers with a little more information.

Voice Activation and Hands-Free Connectivity Make Driving Safer

The advanced development of smartphones has put most of us in a place where we’re more reliant on this technology than ever before. Advanced voice activation and hands-free functionality allow you to keep your phone connected to the car while placing it in the console. These are two of the best safety innovations in the auto industry, allowing you to drive without touching your phone while behind the wheel. Most modern cars have impressive tech that makes it easy to change the audio, make a call, or navigate to a destination without touching your smartphone at all.

These safety features make driving safer and better in a modern age in which more cars are on the road than ever before. Which innovation do you use the most?

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