The Volkswagen ID.7 Is Heating Up the EV Sedan Battle


In a growing sea of electric crossover SUVs, Volkswagen is heating up the EV sedan market with the new ID.7. Although, this new EV is more of a cross between a sedan and coupe with a sleek, low aerodynamic design and a liftgate rather than a trunk. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the ID.7 to arrive at your local Volkswagen dealer next year.

What is the Volkswagen ID.7

The ID.7 is Volkswagen’s newest addition to its EV lineup and its new flagship. Instead of going with a tall crossover, Volkswagen has the coup-ish ID.7 with more aerodynamic efficiency. It’s built on the same MED platform as the ID.4, but it gets several technical upgrades, including an upgraded and more powerful motor.

The single-motor powertrain delivers 282 horsepower and 402 pound-feet of torque, but the ID.7 will also be available with a dual-motor setup. The updates to the motor allow the ID.7 to get more out of the same 82-kWh batter than the ID.4 gets from it.

How Big is the ID.7?

In terms of size, when you see the ID.7 at a Volkswagen dealer, you’ll notice it is just a little larger than the Passat and the Arteon. Since it doesn’t have a combustion engine to take up all kinds of space and it has a flat floor and a taller roof than VW’s other cars, it feels even bigger. The extra space in the cabin not only creates an open, airy feel but also provides extra leg room that the rear seat passengers will benefit from.

New Technology Means More Comfort

There are lots of fun features to explore in the ID.7. It starts when you approach the car. The heating and cooling system has smart air vents that can sense when you get close, and these will start heating or cooling the cabin, depending on what you might need, before you even get in.

Once you sit down, the new seats are smarter than ever. They have sensors that can detect if you need to warm up or cool down. But, if you step up to the available ergoActive seats, you’ll be even more comfortable. These have extra air pockets and specific pressure point massaging functions. You can even adjust the level of intensity. If you like just a light massage, you can get just a little intensity, but if you prefer a deeper massage, you can choose that, too.

Yes, There’s a New Larger Infotainment Screen Too

The ID.7 will be the first Volkswagen to feature a 15-inch touchscreen. It sits front and center in the dash. You can control everything from your phone to the climate and the stereo volume right from the screen. If you don’t want to take your hands off the wheel, there are voice controls too.

If you’re ready to up your electric vehicle driving game, then head to a Volkswagen dealer near you and take a seat in the new ID.7. You’ll be impressed with the performance, comfort, and new tech.

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