Hyundai and Kia’s Electric Vehicles Conquer Multiple Awards

Hyundai and Kia's Electric Vehicles Conquer Multiple Awards

Hyundai and Kia are taking the electric vehicle world by storm with some of the best new electric cars in the market that are collecting several awards.

Many publications offer awards for various products. While most readers might only want to pay attention to the most popular publications, other organizations offer awards for vehicles in different categories. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the lesser-known online journalist awards from various organizations and see how Hyundai and Kia are winning trophies that can be collected and proudly displayed at their headquarters.

The Ioniq 6 wins with Fatherly

Fatherly is an online site for today’s dads, providing practical advice and resources for fathers to learn from. This site, like many others, selected ten vehicles to win its automotive awards, and the new Hyundai Ioniq 6 was one of the top 10 family cars of 2023 according to this site. Some might think of this new electric sedan as being a bit small for this award, but it seems big enough to some. The Ioniq 6 brings excellence in performance with its Top Safety Pick+ rating from the IIHS and an estimated driving range of 361 miles on a full charge.

Top Gear loves the Ioniq 5 N

The high-performance version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the N model, which takes things to new heights with more power and performance. This impressive compact SUV takes home the Top Gear 2023 Car of the Year award. Some think of this electric SUV as funky, but it rocks the road with power and speed, making it an easy vehicle to fall in love with when you want to have some fun.

Fatherly loves the Kia EV9

While the Hyundai Ioniq 6 makes its way to the list of ten best cars, Fatherly gives its top nod to the Kia EV9, which is the Family Car of the Year. The same award from Top Gear is given to this three-row electric Kia SUV, making it easy to admire what this family-sized electric vehicle brings to the market. The EV9 brings an impressive and relaxed attitude along with a breezy feeling; at least that’s what the Top Gear reviewers say about this new Kia SUV.

Popular Science gets in on the Kia and Hyundai action

Popular Science calls the new Kia EV9 one of the 50 best innovations of the year. The holistic commitment to innovation makes this new electric SUV one of the top choices when it comes to pushing boundaries and winning awards. This award gives readers an idea of just how impressive the new EV9 can be. Knowing this new Kia electric SUV is winning tons of awards could make it the right vehicle for you to put in your driveway this year.

The Kia EV9 keeps on winning

Another publication giving the new EV9 its top awards is DrivingElectric. This publication donned the electric SUV with the Best Premium Electric Car and the overall Car of the Year award. As you can see, the EV9 has the attention of many publications, and for good reason. This new flagship Kia SUV enters a three-row electric vehicle segment as one of the top performers, much like its predecessor, the Kia Telluride, did when it first hit the market.

Which Kia earns top safety ratings in Europe?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise as we continue to gush over the new Kia EV9. This new Kia electric SUV is the winner of the highest possible safety rating in Europe. The high-strength E-GMP makes it an outstanding overall safety score and credentials. This is just another way you can see that the Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles are hitting top marks across the automotive landscape, but we’re not done yet.

Let’s look at another Kia electric SUV

After all that hoopla for the new EV9, another Kia SUV wins the Performance Car of the Year award in Scotland. This Kia electric SUV that won this award is the EV6 GT. This award shouldn’t be too surprising; the EV6 GT rockets off the line and provides incredible power and performance figures on the track. The EV6 GT is a powerful car that can be driven every day; at least that’s what the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers stated. This duality of use makes this electric Kia SUV one of the top choices in the new and growing EV market.

Four Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles won some top honors from various publications. Will these two Korean brands continue to dominate these awards?

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