The Toyota 86 Goes Racing in the US

Toyota 86 Goes Racing in the US

The European racing circuit is typically more apt to be where automakers take their vehicles to show them off, unless it’s a car that’s supposed to be a part of the American market. The spec-racing series was launched in Europe four years ago, but the Toyota 86 Cup Car hasn’t been part of the action until now. This new car from Toyota is one of the models adopted by the parent company when they dissolved the Scion brand. This new car is ready to make its competitive debut in the US to give us an even more exciting look at this car.

This new car is officially being known as the TMG 86 Cup Car. This car will run in the Touring Car A class of the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) at two tracks in Utah later in August. This will be the first time a factory-backed version of this car has made it way to compete on the tracks in North America, and it certainly is an excellent place for this car to show up and show off. You can bet this Toyota 86 will be offered with a variety of TRD racing qualities to make it a fun car to watch as it makes the way around the track.

For Toyota Motors North America, this marks an excellent way for this brand to showcase this car in a racing build. This enhanced model of the Toyota 86 is offered with a 2.0-liter boxer engine that’s attached to a six-speed manual transmission. The expected output will be nearly 185 horsepower at all four wheels. Other than these aspects, which sound as if they are from the stock model of the car, this racing version is fitted with upgraded engine tuning, improved suspension qualities, better brakes, and a completely stripped interior where a roll cage has been installed.

The decision to enter this car into the races in North America was an easy one for Toyota. Because the TRD segment receives its inspiration from the track models offered, it makes perfect sense for this car to be filled with TRD parts and tuning and enter these races which should present the car with the appropriate challenge to have the racing and performance desired. The only real difference between this car and the European spec-racing model is the lack of the rear wing for the cars that are raced in the US.

If you want to see the new TMG 86 Cup Car in action you need to tune into CBS Sports Network on August 23 at 8pm ET. This is the date the two PWC races will be aired which will actually take place over the weekend of August 11-13 in Salt Lake City. The Utah Motorsports Campus is where this car will make its debut; if you’re in the area, this could be an event that is well worth your time to head out and witness in person. Otherwise, tune in and watch this new Toyota 86 car as it races around the track and shows off what it can do.

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