Will the R8 Survive?

Will the R8 Survive?

Over the past several years, the Audi R8 has become the supercar from the brand that shows up and shows off with the qualities we’re looking for when it’s time to have an amazing drive on the track. This performance car has the power desired to make some fast laps and offer us the excitement we want on the road in order to have the drive that can be perfect and fun while being worth the exorbitant price that is asked when it comes to this car. As the luxury sport supercar from Audi, you would think this model would have a position in the market for years to come.
Unfortunately, it appears the R8 might not get to enjoy the same historic longevity that we see with the Porsche 911 or with other impressive sports cars. Right now, the generation of the R8 is expected to end in 2020 with no replacement in the works. This could mean the demise of a name that we know and admire, but it also could mean a short hiatus before the next generation of the R8 will make its way to the market and become the supercar we love to drive once again.

Too Early to Worry

While the current generation of the R8 will end in 2020, that might not mean the end of the R8, although it will likely mark the end of the R8 as we currently know it. This car will likely have to embrace electrification and a hybrid powertrain for the future if it is to return, which certainly will annoy those driving purists among us. The market has moved on from these purists, and its nearly time for them to also move on as more models arrive that will have some form of electrification or hybrid driving.

Just because the R8 isn’t planned to continue after 2020, doesn’t mean it won’t be offered. Audi has a strong commitment to offering more sport models for the lineup in every market they service and sell their products. This means we’ll likely see more RS model and more RSQ models while the RS wagons will probably leave the market for the future because of a lack of demand for them. This could lead us to more dynamic driving qualities that can be enjoyed and used for the future of the brand that we love for the quality driving experience we want to have on the road.

The VW Group has a lot going on with the new Huracan making its way to the market in 2020 and the inclusion of Ducati into the group to give us improved motorcycle technology. While we don’t know if the R8 will make a return to the market after 2020, and we certainly don’t know what form it will take, it’s easy to see that large engines are moving away from what we see on the market every day. So far, the thought that the R8 would be dead is only a rumor, but it’s one that shows up without a follow up to give us what we want from this brand in the supercar area of the market. Let’s all take a deep breath and let Audi do their thing to offer us the lineup of vehicles we want for the future of driving.

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