Customized Parts You Can Add

Customized Parts You Can Add

One of the most exciting aspects of owning a vehicle is the ability to add accessories that make the vehicle more personal for you so that you can get on the road with the look, style, and parts that you want to enjoy. While there are many different accessories you can add to a variety of models around the world, the ability to have items that have been completely customized and designed by you is something that has eluded us for many years. One company has chosen to change this and make it easier for you to have the items you want.
When you think about customization of your vehicle with accessories, what name comes to mind? The Jeep brand, several sports cars, and maybe the pickup trucks you want to drive all come to mind and can be considered, but what about the MINI brand. As the brand that shows off with small driving that has a big attitude, MINI has provided us with a fantastic way to have the drive desired for many years. We’ve always been able to choose a large number of designs for the paint or for the interior look, but MINI has made this even better.

Adding More Personalization to the Customization

As technology has improved and we’ve seen more options for the items we add to things around the world, one technology is making it easier for an automaker the size of MINI to offer us a variety of customized items that we can have designed and developed. In order to make this possible and keep the items affordable, MINI is using 3D printers that have been configured by the BMW Group with use of a partnership with Hewlett-Packard to make sure we have the ability to order items that we can have in the MINI model we want to drive.
This new service is called MINI Yours Customised and it makes it possible for you to design inlays for the side scuttles, trims for the passenger side interior, LED door sills, and LED door projectors. These are just a few of the items that can be personalized and added to the vehicle to make it more dramatic and impressive when you take it out on the road for the drive that you want to be able to enjoy with a specialized look that will make you happy when you get behind the wheel.

These new items can be sent to you as a customer within just a few weeks of delivery and will include instructions for the installation that you can do yourself, or you can head to a participating MINI dealers or service center and have the part put on to give you the look you want when you drive. These parts are designed to also be able to be uninstalled in case you plan to resell your Mini and need to revert the car back to what it looked like when you first purchased the model.

Being able to order parts and have this process for the items you want when you head out on the road and drive makes the MINI brand one that now has more customization options to give you the look and feel you’re after with this new Mini Yours Customised service.

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