The Kia Stinger Stole the Super Bowl

The Kia Stinger Stole the Super Bowl

If you’re looking for the car that can make you feel young and active once again, the Kia Stinger for the 2018 model year just might be the car that will get the job done. The video below is the teaser that was released a week ahead of the Super Bowl, but if you watched the game and paid attention to the commercials, you’ll notice that you saw a pair of legends on the track with the Kia Stinger that is one of the most incredibly exciting cars you can drive.

In a simple spot during one of the biggest television events of the entire year, we saw legendary racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi standing next to a Kia Stinger as he waits for the competition he’ll face for the drive. As a racing legend, he appears to be extremely comfortable and relaxed next to his car as he waits to see who it is he’ll be able to tear up at the track and win the race from start to finish. Little does he know who he’ll face or what this person will do when they get inside the Kia Stinger and take a drive.

Enter the Competition

It’s not a spoiler to tell you that Fittipaldi witnessed legendary rock star Steven Tyler step out of the travel trailer and get inside the Kia Stinger to perform a fast lap at this racing circuit. The only way this is a spoiler is if you didn’t see the game or the commercial that aired during the third quarter. This is an ad that’s certainly aired since as well and is made to capture our attention as the rock star makes his way to the driver’s seat and gets himself ready for a ride.

What you don’t expect is what comes next. Tyler puts the car in gear, but it’snot the forward gear. You can see him and his car rip off a fast lap in reverse around the track which is impressive in its own right. The entire time he’s making this speedy lap in reverse, Fittipaldi is standing near his car waiting to see what happens. The transformation we see in Tyler as he steps out of the Kia Stinger is to a younger version of himself that comes from his younger days as a rock and roll legend.

The message from the Kia team with this car and this ad are simple. If you want to drive a car that makes you feel like you’re still young and active, the Kia Stinger is one that can give you everything you want. This sports sedan has joined the lineup with the Optima, Forte, and Rio to give this brand more of the fun and active driving attributes we want to experience on the road and at the track. Check out the teaser offered below and see what the Kia team was giving us before the Super Bowl to let us prepare in anticipation for this car to show up on the screen.

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