The Class Created

The Class Created

The hot hatch might not be a new idea and not every vehicle that comes into the fray that should be put up against the likes of the Honda Civic Type R is a hatchback, but all of them have something in common. All of these cars are small, popular names, that are typically built for the road but in one special layout, they are designed for the active performance we love to enjoy on the road and at the track. For lack of better terminology, these cars can be more than just hot hatches and have created a class of their own.

What Makes Them Great

These cars that we can call Sport Compacts are built in a variety of ways to give us the combination of everyday usability and impressive performance. Regardless of whether your choice would be the Subaru WRX STI, The Volkswagen Golf R, the Ford Focus RS or the Honda Civic Type R, you’re going to have a vehicle that is familiar to you, is one that you can drive on a daily basis and have a lot of fun when you do get that stretch of open road or the track that you’ll love to drive on. Let’s take a look at these four compared together.

Subaru WRX STI

Overall, this hot little Subaru is a lot of fun to drive and it certainly offers you the power and performance you want to enjoy from under the hood, but it is the stiffest of the four vehicles mentioned. That’s good for the track, but not for everyday driving when the tedious feeling of every bump and blister on the road can be difficult for you to deal with when you just want a smooth ride to enjoy.

Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf R is truly a great car to drive and it’s the most comfortable of the four on the road, but when it reaches the track, this car is the one that has the least amount of power and does have to deal with a noticeable amount of turbo lag. This is a car that can surprise you and let you feel the quickness you want when you’re on the road, but it’snot the one you want if you’re going to challenge others to a race at the track in your area; leave that to some of the others.

Ford Focus RS

As the most powerful of the group the Ford Focus RS is easily the one you want on the track and the fact that it makes use of one of the most advanced AWD systems on the planet this car will stick to the corners. The Focus is also smoother on the roads than the Subaru to give you a fairly gentle and enjoyable ride, especially when you take it out of Sport mode. The only drawback to the Focus RS is the fact that it offers only one transmission; a six-speed manual which can be a turn off for those that can’t drive a stick.

Honda Civic Type R

Overall, this is the most practical and comfortable car of the bunch while also offering the performance needed and the ability to have the right transmission for anyone to drive. This is a car that you can easily allow to live with you and know you can let it loose for some fun on the roads and then take it to the track to show off. This is a surprising FWD car that has no turbo drag and the power output you want.

Which One Will You Drive?

The right choice for you could be as simple as looks and feel when you get behind the wheel. All four of these amazing Sport Compact models have the ability to put a huge smile on your face and let you enjoy a ride that’s understandable and practical at the same time. Take a look at the video below and learn more about these four impressive cars that are built to give you the exciting ride you want while being the everyday driver that you love. You’ll have a favorite; I can guarantee it.

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