Chevrolet is Upgrading the Express for You

Chevrolet is Upgrading the Express for You

For the 2019 model year, Chevrolet is giving us an upgraded version of the Express work van we’ve trusted for many years.

Having a great work van to help you get things done is one of the most important factors in the work you face every day. While it feels as if the Express hasn’t been changed in many years, this impressive van will offer you more when you choose a 2019 model and get out on the road to drive and go where you need to. Let’s take a look at the changes you’ll see in this work van.

Express Cargo Model

This version is the most basic of the three that you can choose from of the Express. Even so, you’re going to have the benefit of a new color called Shadow Gray Metallic which replaces the outgoing Graphite Metallic paint. In addition to a new color, you’re going to be able to enjoy the driving system upgrades of Lane Departure Warnings and Forward Collision Alerts. In order to make sure thieves can’t enter your Express Cargo van, a new theft-deterrent system will be added to make sure your equipment can be kept safe.

Express Cutaway Model

When you choose this model of the Express for the work you need to get done, you’ve got a more powerful engine under the hood and the ability to set up the Express however you want. As in any work van, you’re going to have the ability to make upfitting choices and add shelves and features in the cargo area where you need to. This version of the van will enjoy all the same upgrades as the Cargo model to give you the items you’re looking for when you want to get more done.

Chevrolet Express Passenger

Do you need to haul around several people on a daily basis? If so, this version of the Chevrolet Express can be the right choice for you. This model receives the same changes as the two previous models and is also offered with a new School Bus Package to make sure you can turn this van into the small bus needed to take small teams to the sporting event or a small class on a field trip. With this version of the new Express, shuttling people to and from the airport, event locations, or offering this as a van for hire will be easier than ever.

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