Items To Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

Items To Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

Car theft is on the rise and some of the reason for it is the technology we have that makes our drive more convenient. Every car we drive has a ton of tech inside with several computers and components that can do nearly everything for you. The trouble is, thieves have found ways to copy signals, steal codes, and make away with your vehicle. Thankfully, there are some items that are designed as deterrents and will hopefully tell thieves they need to try and steal someone else’s car and not yours when you have them installed.

Hum X

This is a simple system that consists of a phone app, a plug for the OBD, and a Bluetooth speaker that clips to the sun visor. If your car is taken all you have to do is open the Hum phone app and you can see the location of the vehicle. This is a system that can help you find the vehicle, but what happens if the OBD plug is unplugged? If this happens, there’s an alert and an alarm that will sound, which will likely dissuade the perp from taking your vehicle in the first place.

Faraday bag for Keyfobs

When you’re in range of your vehicle, the signal from your key fob can be stolen by a hacker. In order to keep this from happening, all you have to do is keep the key fob in the bag when you’re not in the vehicle. This bag even works when the flap is open, making it impossible for hackers to steal the signal that will unlock your vehicle. If you don’t want to buy the bag, a couple of layers of aluminum foil could work as well, but for the low price of the bag, it would be worth the cost to keep your vehicle signals safe.

Owl Car Cam

If the dashcam detects motion in your car when you’re not inside, the display and dissuasion will be amazing. The camera lights up with LEDs that will light the interior of the vehicle and you will receive a live video straight to your phone and to Owl to make sure you have a look at the person that’s taking your vehicle. If they still choose to take off in your vehicle there’s a speaker for you to yell at them and let them know the cops are on the way to recover the vehicle.

The Club

Even though the Club has been on the market for 32 years, it’s still an effective device to help you keep your vehicle safe. Unless a thief has the right tools, which there’s only one made and it’s reserved for police and repo men, you’re going to keep the car from being stolen. This device can eventually be beaten, but it takes a long time and it can be loud and messy, making the theft of your vehicle a challenge to thieves who will likely move on to another target.

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