Has Buick Gotten Weird?

Has Buick Gotten Weird

You might not think of Buick as a brand that brings you a strange way of doing things or offering you oddities for the drive on the roads in your area, but this brand has embraced some models that can certainly be considered different in nature. There is a sportback, a wagon, and a hardtop convertible as part of the lineup offered by Buick and these three oddities give you something different and something interesting to make your drive a pleasure cruise when you want to head out on the road for an excellent ride wherever you choose to go.

Buick Regal Sportback –This is a car that features a body style you don’t see anywhere else in the North American models offered by GM. This is a car that gives you the long look you’ll admire as the roofline flows down to the rear bumper in a long and flowing line. This model is a large hatchback that opens up to the point that you can fit a bicycle inside the car when you want to take it out for a drive and have your bike with you for a fun ride in the hills and on the trails in your area.

Buick Regal TourX –The balance between a sedan and a crossover SUV is found in this model. With a bit of a higher stance for the drive on light trails and the wagon style that we don’t often see today, this is one of the most capable models you’re going to see when its time to head out for a drive. This vehicle gives you a large amount of cargo room and is offered with AWD to ensure you have the control elements you’re looking for when you drive to the off-road areas around you.

Buick Cascada –There wasn’t a convertible model offered from Buick for 25 years and then the Cascada came to be. This is a small car that has the ability to be an impressive one that you can drive, but you can only have it as a convertible. Most of the time, a convertible car is an optional build you can choose, but in this case, you’re going to have the Cascada and enjoy only the classic elegance of a premium convertible model that can allow you the fun of driving with the top down to wherever you want to go.

Buick has embraced cars that are different from what we normally see. The European influence is completely visible in these three models that are offered as part of the lineup of premium models that you can enjoy when you want a vehicle that’s an upgrade from what you normally see. Do you want a long hatchback, a wagon that appears to sit up a little higher, or a convertible that’s not just an option but a complete model on its own? If so, you can have a great time as you take a look at what Buick has to offer for the drive you’ll get to enjoy for the future.

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