The Ram Power Wagon Adds More for Your Drive

The Ram Power Wagon Adds More for Your Drive

The Raptor and Rebel names signify trucks built for a higher purpose but one is offered on a higher platform. That is the Ram Power Wagon.

The fully-engaged trucks that we see on the market today make it easy to know what these vehicles are built for. Most of the models that fit this description are built on the half-ton platform of the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and Ram 1500.

Built Tough and Ready to Drive

The Ram Power Wagon is built on the Ram 2500 platform and is the truck that can do it all. This big and powerful beast can tow, it can carry, and it can be the one that brings all the fun to the remote location you choose to enjoy. As a Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck, you’ll be amazed at what this beast can do when you take it out on the trails to put it through the tests. Now, the Power Wagon is made to give you a bit more for your ride.

A Popular Ram Color You Can Choose

The most popular color chosen on the Ram Rebel is Mojave Sand. This color is enjoyed by many and it makes the truck look tough and nearly military in its purpose. This color is now being offered on the Power Wagon as well to give you the same feeling in a larger and more impressive truck. With this new color, the Ram Power Wagon will have the look you want and the feeling you’ve been after in a big truck that can get a lot of things done for you.

A Limited Run Color for the Ram Power Wagon

The new Mojave Sand color will only be offered on 1,500 of the Power Wagon models that you can choose for the drive. Every one of these models is a Crew Cab build with 4WD to be the powerful and off-road-ready Power Wagon that you want. Along with the paint color, these trucks will have a new set of all-black wheels to give the truck an excellent appearance. Inside, there’s an all-black interior, the Ram Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen, the Heavy Duty Luxury Group which gives you LED bed lighting, overhead console power mirrors, and a universal garage door opener.

Capability That’s Right for the Ram Power Wagon

As an extraordinary and competent off-road pickup truck that allows you to have a great drive, you can make the Ram Power Wagon the right choice for the drive you want for the ride on the roads and trails you want to explore. If you’re looking for this truck and the special features it brings you, you need to act quickly so that you can be one of the1,500 who is able to own the Mojave Sand model and enjoy the added feeling of a truck that’s truly built to head out into unexplored areas.

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