Advancing the AWD System

Advancing the AWD System (1)

The movement toward AWD for some vehicles is an important choice that you can make when you want to have better traction on the roads during foul weather. In some vehicles, you have to choose this system yourself, but in others, you have an advanced system that can make the adjustments needed to give you the traction you’re looking for when you drive. The Fiat 500X is a small SUV that has an advanced AWD system that can selectively put the power where you need it to make sure you have the traction desired.
This system is expected to be useful in all weather conditions to make it possible for you to drive with confidence when you’re faced with heavy rain, snow, or a road covered in gravel. The secret sauce in the mix for this SUV is a compact Power Transfer Unit (PTU) that makes the selection of which wheels need to drive the car and allow you to have the control you need. When you don’t need the AWD system engaged, there is a fully disconnecting Rear Differential Unit (RDU) that will make it possible for you to have improved fuel efficiency during the drive.

Taking a Deeper Dive

When you choose most vehicles with AWD you’re faced with a typical system that has this feature engaged at all times. This is an unnecessary way to have the drive desired on the road because you aren’t faced with foul weather with rain or snow on a daily basis. In fact, most of the driving experience you have is on clear, dry roads that are easy to handle. This style of AWD causes you to lose fuel efficiency because the axles and propeller shafts are turning all the time when they don’t need to be.

In the Fiat 500X, you’re presented with the disconnecting AWD system, which allows you to enjoy improved fuel mileage on a regular basis because it reduces the frictional losses by nearly eighty percent compared to the standard system. Additionally, the 500X uses a light and compact system that improves the efficiency even more to make sure you have the efficiency of a FWD vehicle during normal driving conditions and the benefit if an AWD when the conditions you’re faced with call for all the wheels to give you the benefit of driving traction where you need it.

With this system, you’ll have a Fiat 500X that feels more like a European grand touring car and not an SUV that feels like a truck. The stability and predictability of the 500X is surprisingly impressive while giving you the high-speed confidence you want when you choose to let loose and have some fun. This is an SUV that is easy to experience when you take it out on the roads and put it through the corners, drive it during adverse conditions on the road, or head up a hill with this vehicle that’s made to handle what you throw at it and still give you the fuel mileage you want when conditions are ideal.

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