Getting Closer

Getting Closer

Whether you feel Nissan has copied the teaser video release plan that FCA used with the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon or not it’s hard to argue with the excitement that’s being created. The Nissan team continues to release teaser videos that allow us to have a look at what this brand plans to offer us without actually giving us a vehicle to review. Maybe that’s the beauty of their genius that’s built to capture and keep our attention on the new vehicle that will show up on the market next month.

What’s the New Vehicle

This new vehicle that will make its debut in the next few weeks is the new Nissan Leaf. This car is about as far removed from the Demon as you can get, but there is a crowd of excitement surrounding the new Leaf as it prepared to be pitted against the Chevrolet Bolt and the recently released Tesla Model 3. Over the years, the Nissan Leaf has been the best-selling EV model on the planet and Nissan has plans to continue this dominance in a market that’s beginning to become crowded with competition they will have the face on a regular basis.
Much like the Demon, the videos offered by Nissan haven’t been overly specific in their presentation yet. As you can see from the video linked below, the new Leaf is being made to create a feeling and an experience on the road that continues to offer zero emissions and the range that you want. This new car is also expected to have more technology to ensure you can have a drive and the information you want to have out on the roads in your area. You’ll be safer and know this is an advanced version of the Leaf when you get behind the wheel.

Only One True Specific

When we discuss vehicles we want to have information that we can trust and the numbers that let us compare the vehicle with another. While we have yet to see this from Nissan, the one specific item we can count on right now is the fact that this car will be crossing the stage on September 6 in Japan to let us see what this car will have and how it is expected to be the new EV that many will trust and choose, as they have done in the past.
The new Leaf is on its way, which signifies a continued growth in the EV world, especially in the affordable market. When we see this car show off what it’s made of we’ll get to decide whether or not Nissan has been able to keep to their promises of adding a premium interior while bringing us the engaging driver information systems we expect and they have teased. The wait is almost over, but we still have a little while to go before we can officially see what this next generation of the Leaf is going to offer us for the drive.

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