The Ram Rebel has a Secret Luxurious Side

The Ram Rebel has a Secret Luxurious Side

When you think of the Ram Rebel, what do you think of?

If you’re picturing a hardcore off-road monster that can tear up the trails and bring you the power and performance that you want when you head out into the wilderness, that would be a good description of this truck. The Rebel has been the model of the Ram 1500 that has been built to give you a quality ride and the features you want when you take it out for a ride and let it loose on the trails that you love to drive.

Adding More to the Rebel You Want to Drive

FCA is ready to debut a new Ram Rebel 12 Special Edition which will take the qualities of the Rebel and add a twist to what you see and enjoy for the drive. This new version of the truck is one that adds a luxury feeling to the off-road performance package that is the Ram Rebel. This means you’ll have one of the largest infotainment screens in the automotive market to offer you the connectivity and quality you’re looking for. This truck brings you the 12-inch UConnect screen for the drive.

Of course, the massive screen isn’t all that the Rebel 12 Special Edition adds to this truck to give you more of what you want when you drive. This version of the truck also brings you a leather-trimmed interior, heated seats, metal speaker grills, a 19-speaker Harman/Kardon audio system with a ten-inch subwoofer, and active noise cancellation technology. This package of features makes it easy for you to have a smooth, elegant, and comfortable feeling when it’s time to get behind the wheel and enjoy a great ride in a truck that can give you the ride you’ve been after.

Why Are We Getting the Ram Rebel 12 Special Edition?

This new Ram Rebel is made to give you the chance to have the comforts you want, especially the 12-inch touchscreen. This new version of the truck allows this feature to be more available when looking for the right truck to experience the ride out on the trails. This new version of the truck adds a lot more of what you want which is exactly why Ram added these features to the truck that you’ll be ready to experience quality out on the trails.

When Can You Get this Truck?

The new Ram Rebel 12 Special Edition will be offered in the fourth quarter of this year to make sure you can have it during the fall and winter months. This truck is available with all of the Rebel cab, color, and powertrain configurations, making it a package of features that you want for the drive. Let this new special edition of the Rebel become the one that will give you the drive you’ve been after and the features that make sense for you. It’s time to have a lot of fun and have a comfortable and luxury filled truck for the ride in the wilderness.

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