Maven Makes Moves to Allow More than Just GM Vehicles to be Rented

Maven Makes Moves to Allow More than Just GM Vehicles to be Rented

GM has been operating its own car-sharing subsidiary, Maven, for a couple of years now, and its been expanding throughout the country.

Maven is ready to expand even more, and this time it’snot for another city, but for an expanded part of the market. Maven will begin to allow cars from other automakers to be offered with this car-sharing service to expand the fleet and attract more members to the group.

How Can Maven Work for You?

If you’re someone that travels a lot or even a little, and you want to have a vehicle to use while on one of your trips, you can avoid the hassle of typical car rental by choosing a Maven vehicle. This means you’ll have one of the fleet models that wear the Maven name on it or you can enjoy the use of a car from another one of the members of the Maven car-sharing group. You could use an Airbnb and a Maven vehicle while on vacation and never feel like you’re dealing with hotel stays or the typical challenges of travel.

How can You Make Use of These Services?

Maven is accessed by downloading an app and choosing the car that you want to drive. You can also put your car on the Maven platform and share it with other drivers that will want to enjoy it when you’re not using it. This new peer-to-peer car-sharing platform launched in the middle part of 2019. This means you could choose an electric luxury car such as a Tesla Model S for the drive you want on the weekend or choose a Ford F-150 to get some work done.

Is Maven Successful?

If car-sharing sounds like it would be a hassle and would be difficult to execute, right now, there are already 170,000 members using the peer-to-peer services with their GM vehicles. Once the expansion takes place, there’s truly no limit to the number of members and the number of vehicles that can be offered on Marven to make it possible for this GM car-sharing service to be enjoyed and offered. This expansion may allow Maven to become the premier car-sharing service in the market and allow more of us to enjoy the benefits of driving what we want.

What Qualifies a Vehicle?

In order to help improve the customer experience and ensure the vehicle that’s shared on Maven is one that will be usable and right for the drive, it must meet specific qualifications. In the past, these models had to be a GM vehicle that was a 2015 model year or newer with the maintenance records updated. For the future, the GM part of this will be dropped and you can bet that every year newer models will need to be offered by members in order to have qualifying vehicles for the peer-to-peer program.

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