What Can’t You Do in the GMC Yukon SUV

What Can’t You Do in the GMC Yukon SUV

For many years, we’ve admired the GMC Yukon as being one of the best full-size SUVs offered in the market to give you an excellent drive.

While we know it can do a lot of things, we might want to explore what this big brute can’t do. This could give you a fresh perspective on this SUV and make your decision whether to drive one a lot easier for you when you’re shopping for your next ride.

You Can’t Park this SUV in a Compact Car Spot

The small spaces reserved for compact cars aren’t going to fit the Yukon. While many people may look at this big SUV and wonder if they can park it in a normal spot at all, you’ll be glad to find out this SUV has items to help you. There are up to nine camera views offered with the Yukon to make it much easier for you to take the closest spot to the door that fits a normal vehicle.

You Won’t Be Uncomfortable in the GMC Yukon

Small vehicles love to call the cramped accommodations “cozy” to make you feel as if the vehicle is giving you a warm hug when you drive. That’s not the case with this full-size GMC vehicle. You’ll have lots of room to stretch out and relax during your drive. Depending on the trim, you might have added items that simply make your ride even more comfortable.

The Yukon Doesn’t Limit You to Paved Roads

Are you tired of having to spend all of your time between the lines when you drive? If so, the GMC Yukon is the right SUV for you. Choose the AT4 trim and enjoy some impressive off-road equipment or simply make sure the trim you select has 4WD. This gives you an invitation to take the Yukon out on the trails for some fun.

You Don’t have to Leave the Boat at Home

If you have a boat or trailer that weighs up to 8,4000 pounds, the GMC Yukon can handle it. Can your small sedan pull that boat? Will you be able to have a subcompact crossover SUV and take your trailer to the campsite? There’s no way those other vehicles can do what the Yukon can. This is a big SUV that gives you more capability for your drive.

You Can’t Get Stuck in the Snow

You’ve seen them on the side of the roads. Those drivers that didn’t choose the right vehicle for any weather event and are stuck with spinning tires and the hopes that someone will have pity on them. Don’t let that be you. Choose the GMC Yukon and enjoy the fact that you will have the Active Response 4WD system with an electronic limited-slip differential to get you where you need to go.

There’s No Limit to What You Can Have in the GMC Yukon

Do you want a vehicle that reaches luxury levels of driving? If so, you’ll be glad to have the Yukon Denali. At this trim, you have an SUV that easily brings you more comfort and technology than most of the luxury models in the market. Enjoy the long list of great features that includes a panoramic moonroof and let this top-level Yukon be right for you.

The GMC Yukon Doesn’t Offer Efficiency for Your Drive

How efficient do you want your powertrain to be? If you’re looking for capability in a big SUV, you often have to give up fuel mileage to get it. Thankfully, you can have a turbocharged diesel engine in your Yukon and enjoy 460 lb.-ft. of torque and 27 mpg on the highway. That’s not bad at all for a big and impressive SUV.

You Won’t be Limited to The Number of Friends

Well, you are limited based on the number of seats, but there’s no way you’re going to fit eight or nine people in a sedan or small SUV. The GMC Yukon has three rows of seats and tons of cargo room to give you the versatility and passenger space that you’re looking for.

Stop Thinking Can’t and Start Thinking Can

We know some of the things the GMC Yukon can’t do, but now it’s time for you to learn more about what this impressive SUV can do. You’ll be glad to find out this brute can be your daily driver, it can take you and your family to the lake on the weekend, and it can be the dependable SUV that you look to for all of your driving needs.

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