Good News for Fans of the BMW 2 Series

Good News for Fans of the BMW 2 Series

The small and active sports coupe that is the BMW 2 Series is a bit of an enigma in the lineup, giving us a car that many love to drive.

Some think this car is too small, others think it needs to be deleted, and some feel it’s the perfect car to drive.  Recently, the 2 Series has been undergoing a change to bring us a new model that will arrive for the 2022 model year. Thankfully, those who love this car will still have what they’ve enjoyed.

Two Must-Haves of this BMW

If you ask fans of the 2 Series what items must be part of this car the answer is typically going to be RWD and the straight-six engine. These two items make this car fast, fun to drive, and exhilarating for any driver. This small car will keep these items and will continue to give you a nearly 50:50 weight distribution to make it the perfect car to drive.

A Summer Reveal of the BMW 2 Series is Coming

We haven’t quite finished the development time for the latest generation of the 2 Series, but it’s coming closer to an end. We expect to see this car revealed this summer to give us a look at what it will be when it hits production. BMW has confirmed the 230i and M240i xDrive models that will be the starting point for the trims you’ll see.

Choose the M240i and Enjoy More Power

Every model of the new BMW 2 Series will have an eight-speed automatic transmission to handle the shifting, sorry manual fans, and if you select the M240i, you’ll have more power than before. The inline-six has been upgraded by 47 horsepower to give you 382 ponies for your drive. This puts the 2 Series in the same group as some of the other M40i models in the BMW family.

You Expect Added Performance to be Offered

BMW is known for the performance features it offers for every model in the lineup. The 2 Series will not be an exception to this at all. This brand has informed us that the 2 Series has more torsional stiffness, an increase of nearly 12 percent, and the track is wider in both the front and rear.

New shocks are offered at all four corners and AWD models will include an electronically controlled rear differential to give you the performance desired. You’ll also find an adaptive suspension and steering offered as an option for any model of this car.

This Will be an Exciting Car to Drive

With the improvements being made to the BMW 2 Series, the question might be raised as to which one of the BMW models is truly the Ultimate Driving Machine. We will learn much more about what this car has to offer when it arrives later in the year with production beginning in the summer. If you’re looking for a fun and active sports coupe to drive, the 2 Series is ready to offer you the experience that you’re after.

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