The Dodge eMuscle Could Be Just a Few Years Away

While some years seem to feel like an eternity, 2024 can’t come soon enough. That’s the year that your local Ram dealer will have an innovative vehicle available known as an eMuscle. This new fully electric muscle car is expected to make massive waves throughout the automotive community.

Even though your local Ram dealer one has any eMuscle cars ready until 2024 and specific details are scarce, there are enough rumors floating around to get anyone excited.

Which Model Is Going Electric?

No one knows if the new eMuscle is going to be an electric version of the popular Challenger, the iconic Charger, or something completely new. What we do know is that Dodge is using its Fratzog logo from its 1960s-70s grille as a nod to the future of automobiles.

Dodge has announced that it plans to release four distinct electric platforms. Of the four, three of them are unibody constructions that should offer between 300 and 500 miles of driving range. The eMuscle is expected to use the STLA platform, which means it should deliver up to 500 miles on a single, fully charged battery.

What Makes A Muscle Car?

There are those out there who aren’t as excited to see the eMuscle hit the production line. For many years, muscle cars were defined by their massive V8 engines and ferocious sounds. For these folks, an electric car defies what it means to be a true muscle car.

On the other side of the argument, drivers are accepting that electric cars are going to be a huge part of the automotive market. While gasoline-powered engines most likely won’t go extinct overnight, manufacturers are focusing on ways to build more eco-friendly vehicles every day.

There’s something exciting about Dodge looking back at its roots while it also looks to the future. Instead of building EVs that are meant to look forward, a new generation of drivers will get to experience innovations in the muscle car market. Some might argue that muscle cars won’t survive outside of classic car shows unless they find a way to fit into the modern, electric world.

Ultimately, when you take away the noise of a fire HEMI, the only thing that will really matter is how the car looks and performs. There’s no question that the new eMuscle cars will have the style and power you’d expect from a trendsetting automaker.

There’s More On The Horizon

While the rumble of a gas engine will certainly be missed, there are plenty of fresh elements that come with an EV powertrain. Modern EVs are able to produce power almost on demand. That results in higher torque values, quicker acceleration times, and faster overall speeds.

You also have the complete detachment from stops at the pump. The available home charging stations and quick chargers available make EVs easier to keep on the road than ever before. A 500-mile range is pretty amazing as well.

Ultimately, when you consider the vast possibilities that are available when our favorite muscle cars go electric, you might start asking why your local Ram dealer didn’t think of the eMuscle cars sooner.

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