The GMC Canyon OverlandX Concept Is Here

GMC OverlandX

GMC recently released information about its brand-new Canyon OverlandXconcept. We’re talking about taking the already potent GMC Canyon AT4 off-road truck and turning it into an overland beast. This mid-size pickup truck is taking adventure to an entirely new level, and drivers everywhere can’t wait for the Canyon OverlandXconcept to become a reality.

Overlanding Is America’s New Pastime

Overlanding is best described as combining odd-road exploration with camping. The idea behind this newly popular pastime is to escape the beaten path and find a new place to roam.

The journey is far more important than the destination. Most often, this kind of adventure requires transportation that can handle a variety of terrains. Overlanding is different than just taking your truck out to the campsite. Most Overlanding trips are long-distance, involve remote locations, and take more time than a weekend trip. Automakers are starting to see how Overlanding is turning into a niche activity worthy of attention. GMC is actually taking action with the Canyon OverlandX concept.

Souped Up AT4

The Canyon OverlandX concept takes the already powerful GMC Canyon AT4 and makes a few upgrades. It starts with a heavy-duty bumper that’s equipped with a winch and multiple recovery points. You also get rocker-panel protection, increased protection under the body, and An AEV rear bumper.

You’ll love the 17-inch BF Goodrich KM3 Mid-Terrain tires that come with the 33-inch lift kit. Thanks to the new Canyon’s ten inches of ground clearance and 27.7-degree approach angle, you’ll be able to pass through any terrain that comes your way. This truck can even traverse 32.1-inches of water.

Overlanders are more than excited about the stainless steel bed cap with a tent perched on top along with an outward extending awning. That means you not only have a place to lay your head each night, but you’ll also have plenty of shade to escape the sun. GMC is also going to throw in a storage area filled with traction boards, an off-road jack, and gas/water cans.

More Than Eye Candy

Sure, the GMC Canyon OverlandX concept is quite the sight. This mid-size truck has the rugged and tough appearance that you’d expect from an overland vehicle. It’s not just for show, though. This truck also offers all of the performance, capability, and utility you need to explore the great unknown.

It’s plain to see that that this concept vehicle is just the start of some amazing things at GMC. Whether you’re looking to expand your outdoor lifestyle or you just want to get started on a new adventure, keep your eyes open. The new Canyon Outlander is coming, and off-roading will never be the same again.

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